Monday, March 23, 2009

Sand?? Eberle Update and 2009 NFL Opener

I've just returned from a trip into the downtown core. Just one question! Has anyone thought of maybe putting some sand on the sidewalks? I just about wiped out once and I did have to ask a woman if she was alright after she went on her you know what. I'm guessing she isn't the only one to have taken a tumble today.
Rod Pedersen has informed everyone who reads his "world-famous" blog (It is world famous is it not RP??!!) that Jordan Eberle will be his guest on 620 CKRM's Sportsline tonight. That comes on at 605---as if you don't know. While I completely understand Rod's rationale for not wanting to do that show five nights a week---it would be great to have that happen. I even know someone who might be interested in doing that gig. (Insert sound of whistles here!!!!)
Word is the first game of the 2009 NFL season will see the Pittsburgh Steelers hosting the Tennessee Titans. An official announcement is expected before the day is over. The game will be played Thursday, September 10. The first Sunday night game of the year will see the Packers playing the Bears at Lambeau Field. No word on what the first Monday night game of the year will be but I'm guessing and the rest of the Monday niters will be sans-Seahawks. That's what you get after a 4-12 campaign!!


Mike from Vita said...


Just wondering if you read David Asper's comments on CJOB's "Excuse Me" segment?

Amazing that we are used as a lightning rod to get Manitobans motivated! I guess that "No car-thefts for a day" isn't a good enough motivator. LOL!

Mike from Vita said...


Would there be enough room on the Regina airwaves to handle you and Remenda? LOL

Anonymous said...

You won't get in trouble if you use the word "butt".

Jo said...

I hear ya about the ice. Joe almost did the splits on the weekend. Mine you that was on our own driveway :-/

Anonymous said...

Show your old station some love too. I heard Jamie Nye say he would be on Remenda's show tonight. I'm guessing the first question will be "Do you know how much my Sharks will beat your Oilers over the next few years", followed by "Do you hate football as much as I do??"

PS: Count me in as one that would love to hear you on Sportsline!!

Mitchell Blair said...

Thats cold Dan. Very, very cold!!