Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Oilers Continue To Annoy Me

Needless to say I’m a little pissed off at the play of the Edmonton Oilers this morning. No let me correct myself. I’m a lot pissed off!!!
In yet another big game for this club when it comes to making the playoffs, they go out and soil the linen. By the time they decided they wanted to play it was too late and even when they do have some momentum, coach Craig McTavish decides to try for the old illegal stick trick which backfires resulting in the team being shorthanded resulting in the empty-netter to maybe hammer the playoff coffin shut as Edmonton loses 5-3 to the Ducks.
Who’s kidding who…there are guys on this team that just don’t have what it takes. Robert Nilsson---can I just put a drink on you because you are nothing but a coaster!!!! Dustin Penner—are you playing for a cheque or what. You are a big physical winger and you play like someone who doesn’t want to get their nose dirty. Denis Grebeshkov…is Grebeshkov Russian for brutal. These guys are like the Pats. They have talent in Hemsky, Horcoff, Cogliano, Gagner and Souray yet they can’t put it together. Like I said in an earlier posting, I like Craig MacTavish but his message is no longer getting through. It is time for a change. Someone call dial-a-maid because I know of a house that needs cleaning!!
Yes Edmonton is not mathematically eliminated but they will have to beat San Jose, Vancouver and Calgary to have a sniff. Methinks its another year of watching the playoffs without my team in it.
Meanwhile the Canucks now own the Northwest Division lead. They beat Minnesota in overtime so they sit a point ahead of Calgary.
There is no joy in Swift Current this morning. The Broncos season is over as they fall 4-1 to Medicine Hat in Game 7 of their first round series. Sean Ringrose’s goal in the last minute of the first proved to be the winner. The Tigers will play Calgary if Saskatoon should win Game 7 of their series against Lethbridge tonight. If the Canes win, they get Calgary and Medicine Hat will play Brandon.
Humboldt evens the SJHL final. They beat Melville 3-1. Game 3 is Friday back in Humboldt.
Many of us have been to the Hockey Hall of Fame in downtown Toronto. A lot of us have had our pictures taken with hockey’s holy grail while spending a few hours in the shrine. I’m guessing that in a couple of years you will be able to go and see an exhibit featuring Hayley Wickenheiser. Starting in 2010, the Hall will consider male and female candidates separately. The new bylaw will allow a maximum of four men and two women to be inducted each year. Currently there is a maximum of four player inductees and women are judged and considered against men. Now that women can be inducted separately, you have to think the pride of Shaunavon will be the first woman to go in---unless of course she is still playing and something seems to tell me Vancouver will be her swan song.
The Detroit Tigers released Gary Sheffield on Tuesday. He sits at 499 homeruns and has hit four homers during spring training. Might the Jays be interested in Sheffield as a DH. I doubt it but Sheff can still hit. He may have the most ferocious swing of any major leaguer I’ve ever seen.
There’s a new tell-all baseball book out there but this one doesn’t involve steroids. However it does involve some injections. The writer of this book…..Alyssa Milano. The former “Who’s the Boss” and “Charmed” star who also showed off the goods in “Embrace of the Vampire” likes showing off her goods to pro hockey and baseball players. She talks about her love of baseball and her love to pitchers like Barry Zito and Brad Penny. She even tells us Penny made her wear his jersey to bed after seducing her. (Insert joke here!!)I’ll probably pass on this book. I’m sure the movie will be on SEX TV late one night…Alyssa can probably be herself in that movie.
One last thing. Ruffles makes barbecue chips because I had a couple of bags when in Montreal at Grey Cup but they aren’t sold in Saskatchewan. Why is that??? If someone can also please tell me what has happened to Cherry Powerade or if there is some place in Regina where I can buy it, please let me know. Thank you!!

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Anonymous said...

My co-worker phoned Ruffles a couple years ago to complain about the lack of BBQ in Saskatchewan. They apologized and sent him some vouchers for free bags (of non-BBQ of course).