Saturday, March 7, 2009

Who Are These Guys

The World Baseball Classic is underway with Canada playing its first game in Toronto this afternoon against the U-S. Make no doubt about it, the World Baseball Classic will never ever be confused with the World Cup of Hockey as many big name players are skipping this event. Japan won the first WBC in 2006 but Canada had a good showing including an 8-6 upset win over the U-S in what was one of the biggest moments in Canadian baseball history. Here is the roster for the Canadians this time around......
Canada is increasing its presence in Major League Baseball thanks to players like Justin Morneau, Russell Martin and Jason Bay but there is a distinct lack of arms on this team. Guys like Rich Harden, Ryan Dempster and Jeff Francis are not suiting up for one reason or another. That makes this team go from a competitive starting rotation to not much of one. For Canada to advance to the 2nd round, they will likely have to beat Venezuela. While our country does not put out the lineup it should, it will still be a chance to show Canada belongs on the global stage which is something you couldn't have said a decade ago. For that, we can thank guys like Larry Walker, Dave McKay and Melville's Terry Puhl.

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