Monday, November 9, 2009

Best And Worst Of Weekend

I realize the Rider game was probably the best part of the weekend, but give me one particular moment or play. For me, seeing Lance Frazier do the Nik Lewis scream in front of the Calgary bench after his interception was the highlight. The lowlight of the weekend was the first quarter of the Seahawks game. Good god, that was terrible!


ed said...

Best Chick sacking Burris on the 1 yard line and then watching them giving up 2 helping us seal the deal.

Worst Watching the 49ers stumble they way through an other game why didn't we use are first round pick on a qb instead of Crabtree.

Anonymous said...

Best: Szarka Running for 36 Yards on the 3rd and 1, all but sealing 1st in the west. Also standing and screaming and cheering for 10 minutes after the game was done was also quite enjoyable.

Worst: Packers giving the Bucs their first win of the season.

Little Johnny

Anonymous said...

Ed: Figures you'd like a team from San Fran, you limp-wristed pantywaist.

Anonymous said...

Best-Clermont going into Calgary's huddle before 2nd short kick

Worst-Seeing BC get in through the back door. It would have been great to see Wally here in two weeks-----WITH TSN!!!


Anonymous said...

Best-Being unable to be at TFMS for the game, but listening to Rod and Carm do a game for the first time in 3-4 yrs. They are the best in the league as far as I'm concerned. And----getting home to hear my son got tickets for him and the old man for the WF.

Worst-Getting the gears today for both missing the game and having my Wings get bootf###ed by Toronto Saturday night. OUCH!


Anonymous said...

Best-Coming out of Mosaic Stadium, walking up to a group of Stamps and telling them to make sure they congratulate Edmonton next weekend and wish them the best of luck against us.

Worst-Leaving Kurt Warner on my bench after his 5 INT's against Carolina only to watch him throw 5 TD's. Joe Flacco just didn't do the job as I lost by 31.

ed said...

Best: Reading anonymous comments and laughing my ass at him make a fool of himself.

Worst: Anonymous coming up with the same lame unoriginal insults. But you know what they say about him. He may look like an idiot and talk like an idiot but don't let that fool you. He really is an idiot.