Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thumbs Down To The CFL on Canadians Issue

The fact the CFL is considering reducing the Canadian content is ridiculous. This is the "Canadian" Football League is it not? I am one that will tell you there isn't enough Canadian in the Canadian football league. There are many, many players who have had great CIS careers, but they haven't gotten a sniff at the pro ranks, much less have a chance at playing the game they grew up playing. One only has to look at former U of R quarterback Teale Orban. Yes, the Riders gave him a shot by drafting him and having show up at training camp, but I think everyone realistically knew that being a Canadian quarterback meant he would never be able to strut his stuff in the CFL. At least Orban was lucky enough to get drafted. Others haven't been given the same luxury.

Reducing the amount of Canadians will mean there are only more players out there capable of making a living as a pro football player that won't get a shot. That isn't right. Doing something like this will have a trickle effect. It will hurt the CIS schools, and it will hurt high school programs.

Canadian players in the CFL have proven their worth. All you have to do is look at the Rider roster to see that. Canadian players are getting better and those that are at the top of their class coming out of CIS ball deserve a shot to play and not perhaps be ignored.

It is said that GM's are having problems filling out their rosters because of injury and a lack of Canadian talent out there. Perhaps GM's aren't doing their due diligence. Eric Tillman hasn't had a problem with this. Maybe some of the other teams crying about this should look in the mirror and improve their Canadian scouting system. Perhaps the CFL should allow for more "Canadians" to be on a practice roster.

The league must also ask another important question. Will reducing the Canadian content reduce the Canadian content that goes to the games. This is a fan-driven league. Its something that needs to be thought about.


Anonymous said...

I am against having less Canadians. However I don't believe having less Canadians will have an impact on attendance. I usually cheer "Go Riders Go!" not "Go Canadians Go!"

tom said...

i still think this is being driven by the toronto argos and bart andrus...he just doesn't get it...i could be way off base but it's just a gut feeling...

Mike from Vita, MB said...

There's an easy way to fix the problem...increase the number of players on the taxi squad, not practice roster, to THREE, all whom have to be non-imports.

The reality is, other than Saskatchewan, the rest of the GM's are too lazy to scout Canadian talent. Those GM's need to stop whining, and do their job!!