Monday, November 16, 2009

There's Bad, And Then There's Cleveland Browns Bad

The bigwigs at ESPN must have been shuddering when they looked at the Monday Night Football schedule and saw the Cleveland Browns on it. The Browns are without a doubt one of the worst football teams I have ever seen and they proved that last night in front of a national TV audience as they were humbled by the Baltimore Ravens.

They can't run the ball, they can't throw the ball(at least not more than 8-10 yards), they have no urgency to their game, they are pathetic. I find it kind of ironic that on the same day ESPN shows the Browns that the network announces it has signed Jon Gruden to an extension meaning that he will stay in the broadcast booth instead of on the sidelines with some team. Was the announcement made just so that no member of the Browns executive could be standing outside the press box waiting for Gruden at game's end. Who would want to coach this group of misfits. They are god awful. They are the NFL's equivalent of the Toronto Argonauts. They might be worse. Can you be any worse than the Argos? The sad thing is Cleveland gets a 2nd game in prime time as they will be ridiculed by the Steelers. Why must America endure the Browns again? I guess this is what you get when you are a team without a logo? If you are looking for a logo, perhaps they should ask the creators of South Park to borrow Mr. Hankey. After all, he is brown and he is a piece of .....moving on.
The NFL has fined Tennessee owner Bud Adams 250-thousand dollars. It seems our boy Bud was so happy with his team's win over Buffalo yesterday that he delivered not one but two middle fingers to Buffalo fans from his box. Would it have been 125 thousand had it just been one finger. Who does the 86 year old Adams think he is, the old guy from "Up". Give Bud credit for admitting to his mistake. I'm surprised he remembered it.
Have you gotten use to saying B.C will be in the East final. That doesn't sound right. It just renews the argument as to whether the East-West formats in the CFL should be scrapped with the league being one 8 team league(or 9).
Jamie Sale and Craig Simpson won the inaugural "Battle of the Blades". Any guy that already knew this should have his status reviewed. Yes, Sale and Shae-Lynn Bourne are two VERY attractive women, but in the end guys, its still figure skating and you are watching it. There's talk that since this event was so popular, CBC is going to have a "Battle of the Blades 2". I will watch as much of that one as I did this one.
The Subway Super Series started Monday night with the Quebec League all-stars playing a Russian team. Am I the only one tired of this series? The Russians don't send their best team and the CHL all-stars dominate the six game series year after year after year. I like the concept, but lets see some different competition.
ESPN is doing 24 straight hours of college basketball on its network of stations. I would love to have ESPN on my cable package, but 24 hours of college hoops. I'd pass on that. I know some of you that read this (especially you U of R Cougar supporters) would be all over this, but I ask you who can get excited about a 6 AM start. C'mon, we all know that university kids are scarce at 6 AM on a weekday. Now if its 6 AM on a Saturday or Sunday morning, you may just catch them getting home.
Motley Crue will be in Regina in January. Do I wanna check that one out? Has my good friend Kelly Remple found a way to get first row tickets yet? I had to laugh at Kelly on Saturday in Moose Jaw. I have found out doing games with him on Access that he absolutely hates it when he is by the boards and guys are shooting pucks in the pre-game warmup bouncing rubber off the glass. He just cringes at that sound and he is quite jumpy. While walking from one side of the Civic Centre to the other, he cringed a couple of times as he does in Regina when we are getting ready to tape our openings on the Access broadcast. I finally had to ask him, you sit in the front 10 rows of any rock concert that comes to Regina and you can't hear yourself think, but that sound drives you up the wall. I would think he could drown out that sound. I guess he can't. Sorry to tell that story Kell, but I had to. He truly is the unofficial mayor of Moose Jaw.
Who does Tiger Woods think he is. Judge Smails from Caddyshack. Check out this "mature" act from his play at the Australian Masters this weekend.

I don't care if he's Tiger Woods or not, he's throwing his club into a group of people. He should be fined or something for this act. An act that really is getting kind of tiresome. Hey, I've been known to throw a club a time or two, but not when a group of people is around me watching my every move. Grow up Tiger!


ed said...

He didn't throw it at the crowd he throw it at the groud and it bounced off the ground into the crowd.

Anonymous said...

Are you a certified idiot? Tiger threw his club and it went into the crowd. It doesn't matter if he bounced it off the ground first or if he threw it. The bottom line is he endangered those around him with this highly immature act. Sorry Tiger, every shot isn't going to be a great one. Pouting the way you do after a bad shot shows your immaturity. Did Nicklaus ever toss a club? Has Watson or Norman ever tossed a club? Do any of the other pros react like this when they hit a bad shot? Tiger should be fined heavily for this act. In your world Ed, it would appear just because it went into the ground means he's innocent. Wake up!


Anonymous said...

The series between the Russians and the CHL all-stars is a joke. I watched the game last night on Sportsnet(nothing better to do) and there is no desire on this Russian team to play well. They know they are just here for a two week visit to get stomped on. If this is an ego booster for the WHL, OHL and QMJHL so be it, but I've grown tired of it.


ed said...

Did you get hit with the club? Easy big fella S**t happens wipe and flush