Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Why Do I Do This To Myself?

As I am typing this, ESPN Classic is showing the 1972 Grey Cup. That game was held on the day of my 6th birthday. My parents in a never-ending way to embarass me like telling me I was all pouty at the end of the game crying that the Riders had ruined my birthday. Of course I would later discover that Chuck Ealey would hit Tony Gabriel with three straight passes in the game-winning drive leading to the game-winning Ian Sunter field goal. After what Gabriel did in 1976, would he ever be welcomed to Regina? I hate that guy!

The question is Why am I watching this? Why haven't I gone to bed? Isn't there a "Girls Gone Wild" infomercial on somewhere? SIGHHHHHH!!!


The Alouettes are nine point favourites to win on Sunday. That's a little generous if you ask me. Its just another sign of disrespect to the Riders. They will play that underdog card all week.

Rob Vanstone has an article on Ken Miller in which the Rider coach says he has no intentions of retiring. There were some rumblings that Miller might call it quits at the end of this season. I thought at the AGM last year it was said he would leave in 2010. He's having too much fun to quit. Kenny isn't going anywhere! Some have wondered about some of the other aging Riders like Szarka, Makowsky, O'Day and Davis perhaps hanging up the helmet if they should win Sunday. Zark might because it could be difficult juggling his football and political career. That being said, I think #33has a year or two left. I think the other guys do too. I do wonder though if Jason Clermont may call it quits. We all know this wasn't the season that Jason and the fans envisioned. It would be great if Jason could make a contribution on Sunday. Time will tell.
The WHL is screwing around the Pats. Regina didn't have Jordan Eberle and Colten Teubert in the lineup for last night's game in Portland because they had to be in Victoria for duties surrounding the Subway Super Series game tonight. It didn't matter as they beat Portland to stretch their win streak to 4. Why is the WHL scheduling games on nights of the exhibition games between the league all-stars and the Russians? Its just another reason as to why these games are becoming more and more of a joke. If the league wants their marquee players in this game, that is fine, but then take a couple of nights off so that teams aren't affected by losses. I think they could still get the entire 72 game sked in if they took a couple of nights off. Yes, some will say players are gone for a month when they head to the World Juniors and that's fine. When you are taking on a 3rd or 4th rate Russian team just to pump your ego, you can shut the league down for a bit. I'm not even going to watch these games on Sportsnet because the WHL will likely skate circles around the Russian players. OK, I might watch one period, but I'm guessing that's about it.
Finally, I had to laugh when I saw this in the Leader-Post's Rider rumblings blog. I had to read it twice to see if this guy is joking, but he's not. This is an actual letter written by someone to the Calgary Herald. Someone who should stick to watching "Dancing with the Stars" and poker. PUH-LEEZE!!! This might be one of the funniest, if not dumbest things you will read all year. (Besides this blog!! Beat many of you to that one didn't I--HAH!)

Re: "Heartbreaker; Dream of defending Grey Cup at home dies in Regina," Nov. 23.

I watched the Stamps-Riders game on Sunday and saw the Riders fans screaming whenever Calgary tried to run a play. I know this has become the practice in most stadiums in the league, including Calgary, but the Riders fans seem to be the best (worst?) at this. What makes people think this behaviour makes them great fans? It just shows a lack of confidence in their team to win, without disrupting the other team's signal calling. It should be a penalty to the home team for unsportsmanlike conduct if the other team cannot hear the quarterback. I believe there used to be a rule in place for that, but it is never called.

Only if the announcer instigates it does the referee have discretion to call a penalty. It shows a lack of class and I hope the Grey Cup game will have a fan base that is diluted enough so both teams will be able to hear their quarterback. If not, I will be cheering for the team who has to overcome the Neanderthal factor.

Rick Gibeault,


(How high have your eyebrows raised after reading that schlock!)


Anonymous said...

There are Girls Gone Wild infomercials?!

Anonymous said...

Watch the 72 game because it doesn't hurt as much as the 76 one. Even though we won in 89 and 07, I still can't stomach watching any part of that 76 game. I remember the interview you did with Cohon when he took office and he said his favourite player growing up was Gabriel. You would have choked him out if you could reach through the microphone. You gave it to him courtesy the Rider Nation. That was funny stuff.

Terry C

Anonymous said...

Rick's a wimp. But he's still a better writer than you are.

Mitchell Blair said...

HA HA HA, Rick might be a wimp, but at least he has the balls to identify himself unlike you.

David Sachary said...

OMG, yes let's all sit back and behave like good football fans, sip some hot chocolate and talk about memories past. In fact lets not even go to the game, or have any pride, or fun, or emotion. Buddy have you ever been to or watched an NFL game or college football? You think Mosaic Stadium is loud? It sure is saying something about the noise we make that this Debbie Downer would make a fool of himself and complain about noise at a home football game. Go watch a curling match and spare us (even though curling is pretty sweet) GO RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Rick needs to stay on the golf course where he can give the oh so polite golf clap. This neanderthal will be cheering so much and so loud on Sunday that it may take until Christmas for his throat to get back to normal. GO RIDERS!!!


Anonymous said...

Bang on with the WHL/Super Series comment. Its bad enough these games are played. Top teams lose their top players and fans in opposition rinks who only get to see Ebs and Teuby once every two years have now lost their last opportunity to see them live. I would be choked if I had missed guys like Evander Kane or Dustin Tokarski or Jared Cowen at the BC because of this. BRUTAL!!

Glad to see the Pats are winning on the coast. We know what happened last year on that trip.


Anonymous said...

Is this Rick guy serious?

Anonymous said...

Do a Google search on this Rick guy. He sounds like a real wingnut. There's a CBC sports post in which he whines about having to get RDS so he can watch the Habs because HNIC doesn't put them enough or he has to listen to Bob Cole's anti-Montreal diatribes.