Friday, November 27, 2009


The 2007 Grey Cup game was on ESPN Classic Friday night. Did you watch it? I was in Rogers Centre that evening bringing it all back for those in Saskatchewan, but last night was the first time I have actually watched the game. I taped it, but for some reason I never watched the whole thing.
The funny thing about the game is I just about didn't see the end of it because of the CFL and their stupid rules.
With five minutes left, the media is instructed to go to an area where they can go before doing whatever they do post-game.
When the game was in Regina, we were all huddled just inside the tunnel watching a small monitor trying to stay warm before being given the opportunity to go outside and start talking to players. I know how cattle at Agribition must feel. Anyhoo, we get to this area which is behind the one endzone opposite Windows in the bowels of Rogers Centre. The problem is there is no monitor. I ask a security guard where I can go to watch the end of the game and he says right here. I tell him that perhaps he doesn't understand I am from Saskatchewan and I do not want to miss this historic moment so where can I go. He wants to tell me where I can go and vice-versa when all of a sudden something happens on the field where a fan jumps on to it or something. This curtain gets peeled back and VOILA, there is the field with people standing there watching the game. I tell the security guy that is where I am headed and he says I can't go there. OK whatever, as I said, I'm not missing this. I got so caught up in arguing with this bonehead that when I saw James Johnson collect his 3rd pick, I didn't realize there was less than a minute to go. It was only when I looked at the jumbotron that it hit me that the Riders had won the game. From then on, it was bedlam as I tried getting comments back to Saskatchewan. The scenario was much better in Montreal in 2009 as there was a room where we could watch the end of the game. I have no idea what it will be like at McMahon, but I know the configurations of that station and I'm guessing the local media won't have a chance to see what is going on outside when they hit the elevator to come from the press box to field level.
Having covered five Grey Cups, I always found the Saturday practice to be the most interesting one. When its over, the guys know that's it. The day-after-day routine of practice that started in training camp is now done. Its one more sleep and then you play for all the marbles. The players actually seem relieved that its come down to the game. They seem much more loose, but they also seem as if they are ready for battle. I wonder what Coaches Trestman and Miller have in store for their players Saturday night. I'm guessing you won't see any of them partying with the rest of Canada, but I assume they will be given time off Saturday night to spend with friends and family so they can unwind a little before going to bed for what could be a very sleepless night. Henry Burris told me last year when it was over that he might have gotten only one hour of sleep before the GC game. He said he just laid in his hotel room staring at the ceiling wondering about this and that.
I've been watching CTV Calgary and Global Calgary this week to see what they've had for Grey Cup coverage and I have to admit I'm a little disappointed. If the GC were in Regina, both Global and CTV and CBC too would be bringing you the colour of the event, but it doesn't seem to be that way for both of the Calgary stations. They have buried the event somewhat into their coverage. Is this just because their beloved Stampeders aren't in the game? I hope it changes as the weekend now arrives and the party really gets going.
OK, what part of this Tiger Woods story seems fishy to you. What was he doing leaving his home so early in the morning? Was Tiger rushing to Best Buy to get in on those Black Friday sales? Did he see a 46 inch Plasma for just 299 dollars that he had to have? Alcohol wasn't involved, but he hit a tree and a fire hydrant? The National Enquirer(a true bastion of journalism) has suggested Tiger is having an affair (WHY?) so did he and Elin have a squabble? There are just too many questions here. The bottom line is it appears someone jumped the gun with the seriousness of Tiger's injuries and that his only injuries appear to be cuts to the face. Nonetheless, he has some explaining to do.


Anonymous said...

TMZ is reporting Elin went loco when she found out about the affair. She got into it with him, scratched his face up, then chased him out with a golf club. He took refugee in his SUV while she was bashing the vehicle with a golf club, and then he was so frantic he hit the fire hydrant.

The guy is married to a model and he still cheats???? Some men will never be satisfied.

Go Riders,

ed said...

I like TMZ but you honestly believe everything you see on it. What Tiger should say which he doesn't have to say anything is .IT'S MY BUSINESS IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY OF YOU