Monday, November 16, 2009

Best And Worst Of The Weekend

It was a weekend without Rider football. I'm sure everyone survived though knowing they play next weekend. I don't know about you, but my remote control took a beating this weekend as there was a lot to take in. What was the best thing you saw and what was the worst thing? By the way, feel free to vote in the poll at the upper right of the blog.


Anonymous said...

Best:The way the Ti-Cats never quit it just does to show how much heart that team has. And what Glenn means to them watch out next year for them.

Worst:Watching Printers looking for a camera after the game to let us all know that he told us so.Only one more game for that loser.

go Riders and Als

Anonymous said...

Best thing about the weekend was my wife and kid went away leaving me to batch it. It was just a weekend of sitting down in front of the TV watching football (NFL, College, CFL). It was something I haven't been able to do for two years. I LOVED IT!!!!


Anonymous said...

The Riders were on a bye week, so they were immune to the perfect storm of suck that the rest of the weekend was.

Matt Ryan has turned into Jake Delhomme all of the sudden. Michael Turner's injury. My fantasy teams were a collective and colossal fail. The Browns are somehow on MNF...just a horrible, horrible weekend.


Anonymous said...

Anyone know where I'll be able to watch the West Final in Las Vegas?

Anonymous said...

Best-Seeing the Patriots blow that game. It looks good on Belichick

Worst-The Pats game in Moose Jaw Saturday. The only thing that would have made that effort worse would have been had they done it in Regina.