Sunday, November 1, 2009

That's Gotta Leave A Mark

Its the sight Packer fans didn't want to see, but oh did they see it. Brett Favre showed the Packers organization that he still has it and you know Favre loved every second of the Vikings 38-26 win over his old team. The fact he threw four touchdowns in the victory just had to make it all that much sweeter for Favre. One can only wonder what was going through the mind of Packers GM Ted Thompson as he watched the man Packer fans used to love dissect his team. The thing is though that Favre's replacement Aaron Rodgers has showed he is more than capable of being a top-notch NFL quarterback so the future is still bright for the Packers. However on this day, that one has to hurt.
Just some other thoughts on the Sunday of NFL action....

--The Jets might want to put a little emphasis on their kick coverage team this week. Having one kickoff returned for a touchdown is bad enough, but two?
--What has happened to the Giants?
--I hate Tony Romo and the Cowboys each and every week, but moreso this week. Can there be any more chintzy pass interference calls against Marcus Trufant. It wouldn't have mattered in the end, but CMON!
--How bad are the Browns?
--Baltimore finally brought Denver down to earth
--Those who passed on Chris Johnson in their fantasy football draft must be kicking themselves. Those that took him ahead of Adrian Peterson should be praised.
--How many people picked Arizona in their survivor pool this week?
--For what its worth, I say Atlanta upsets New Orleans tonight!
The Alouettes are back. After a couple of dismal outings, Montreal hammered Winnipeg 48-14 putting Hamilton in the playoffs. The Cats and Bombers will play one another next weekend in Winnipeg. If the Ticats win, they take second place outright and Winnipeg will be bumped from the playoffs by a crossover team from the West Division. If Winnipeg wins, they will tie Hamilton but get second place based on winning the season series. It also means we will have a great final weekend of the season. The Toronto-Montreal game means nothing. We all know what the Rider-Stampeder game means and the loser of the BC-Edmonton game could end up out of the playoffs depending on what happens in Winnipeg. Its going to be a great weekend to finish off the regular season.
Those that love criticizing Alex Rodriguez's playoff performance can criticize no more. He silenced some in the first two rounds with his play, but after a couple of rough games to start the World Series, the critics started in again. A-Rod responded with the big hit in a Game 3 victory and he did it again in Game 4 as he drives home Johnny Damon in the top of 9 for the game-winning run in a 7-4 triumph. Give Damon a lot of credit for this one. After reaching first on a base-hit, he stole 2nd and then got up and saw no one was covering 3rd so he sprinted an extra 90 feet to sit at 3rd and come home on A-Rod's big hit. This thing ends tomorrow. The Phillies are crushed after coming back to tie the game in the 8th only to lose and the Yankees can now smell it.
What's with the Carolina Hurricanes. Nine straight losses? That team is better than that.
Is Steve Stamkos going to get an Olympic invite? If he gets one, could it be at the expense of teammate Vincent Lecavalier?
This has got to be one of the plays of the year. Watch what happens when a bat gets San Antonio Spur Manu Ginobili pissed off....


Anonymous said...

I see everyone picked the Pack to beat the Vikings this week. That has to sting. It's clearly obvious the Vikings are a much better team than Green Bay now.
Regarding taking Chris Johnson over Adrian Peterson, Johnson has 824 rushing yards and 4 TD's. Peterson has 784 yards and 9 TD's. Johnson has 137 receiving yards and 1 TD, while AP has 189 receiving yards.
AP - 973 rush/rec yards and 10 TD
Johnson 961 rush/rec yards and 5 TD
AP was and still is a better pick and the numbers back it up unless TD's in your league are meaningless. Nice try...

Anonymous said...

Don't be hatin the Cowboys Mitch. Just embrace them and love them for the way they are.

Anonymous said...

The Alouettes may have won yesterday, but they aren't back. They will win the East, but lose the Grey Cup yet again to whoever(Riders!!).
I can't wait for Saturday night. It is going to be wilder in therre than any Labour Day.


ed said...

I love the Cowboys for everything they are. Which is 11-5 or 10-6 fottball team and a second round deep team. Yep gotta love em comboys lol.

Anonymous said...

Love that fottball!