Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lets Have Some Fun

I can't give a prize away for who is closest, but lets have some fun here for the rest of the week. Give me your Grey Cup prediction with both the final score and the game's MVP. Just throw it in the comments section.


Brian Shepherd said...

23-20 Riders, MVP DD

Anonymous said...

Final score: Riders 33 Als 21
MVP: Double D

Anonymous said...

38 - 36 Riders. Green will play as a team and mistake free. I'm sure Coach Etch and Coach Lapo will pull out all the stops for this one. The D will be able to contain Calvillo with coverage and relentless pressure and I'm sure the O will be able to confuse the young Montreal defensive backs. If Green stays patient... they will pull it out in the end.

kim K said...

Montreal 21
Saskatchewan 27

MVP -- Darian Durant
MVC -- Jason Clermont

Anonymous said...

26-22 Riders. Congi kicks 4 FG's and wins MVP honours


Anonymous said...

Darian throws for 3 and change. One of his two TD tosses goes to Getzlaf and Omarr makes a late game pick to secure a 25-20 win. Durant is named MVP and Getzlaf gets top Canuck.


Anonymous said...

31-20 Montreal. I know its bad but I feel the Alouettes are too strong of a team. Cahoon gets MVC and Richardson MVP

Anonymous said...

(assumes Chicago south side accent)

Riders: 312
Als: minus 4

MVP - Ditka!

Anonymous said...

Als 38 Riders 17
MVP Calvillo
MVC Cahoon


Anonymous said...

Riders 27
Alouettes 15

Baggs is named the games best player. Fantuz is named top Canadian


ed said...

Riders 27 Als 22
MVC Getzlaf

Anonymous said...

Riders 38
Als 33

Offensive struggle till the final whistle
MVC Fantoooooz

Little Johnny

Anonymous said...

What I'd like to see: Sask as Grey Cup Champs.

What will likely happen:
Montreal 34, Sask 17
MVP Calvillo

Sorry, Riders are NOT going to win on Sunday. There is too much depth in that Montreal lineup.