Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Whole Lotta This, A Whole Lotta That

There's a lot of things happening right now so instead of just concentrating on one issue, I'm just going to start rattling things off as I'm apt to do. In no particular order, here we go.

--Apologies to Tad Kornegay. I questioned his role in the Rider defence this year, but he has quieted me and many others with his play. Play that resulted in him being an all-star this year.

--At the start of the season in a group that included Henry Burris, Ricky Ray and Buck Pierce, would you have named Darian Durant your Western division all-star quarterback. The North Carolina product has just gone about his business and had a very successful season. I knew Durant was going to be a good one, but his play this year especially in the second half of the season has been amazing. The division finalists for year-end awards are released later today and it wouldn't surprise me one bit to see Durant representing the West. I think the odds-on favourite has to be Joffrey Reynolds, but the CFL is a quarterback driven league is it not? Despite Durant's play, I would be shocked if he wins the award and then defeats Anthony Calvillo.

--Those who questioned Gary Etcheverry's "unique" defence must salute the fact that five members of that defence are all-stars. It might have been six had Rey Williams not been hurt.

--Where are those that bemoaned the loss of Mo Lloyd?

--I don't care what Marc Trestman has done in Montreal and even should the Riders lose one of their next two games, Ken Miller is the CFL coach of the year. He should have been last year and in my mind no coach has done a better job this year. Consider Trestman's Alouettes got to beat up a woeful Argos team four times in 2009.

--The Bombers don't have enough money to pay three coaches thus I knew Mike Kelly would stay. The question now is how do the Bombers sell their fanbase on Kelly after this year and can Kelly bring back Michael Bishop?

--The CFL isn't going to increase the 4.2 million dollar salary cap. With veterans getting raises, it will make it tough for GM's to do some off-season wheeling and dealing.

--If the NFL on FOX pregame show could do their show from Afghanistan as they did last Sunday, why can't the TSN crew do the same thing? I'm sure our troops would appreciate a visit from Randorf and company. The same can be said for Ron McLean and the Hockey Night in Canada gang.

--I don't mind Taylor Swift, but I have to wonder if her publicity machine is the reason why she was named CMA entertainer of the year. She is talented, but beating George Strait, Brad Paisley and Keith Urban. Uh NO! At least Kanye West didn't ruin her moment in the sun. That being said, at least Carrie Underwood didn't win.

--Speaking of country music, I am starting to become a fan of Lady Antebellum. I really do like this song and it seems to be on the old satellite radio quite a bit....

This really should be the official "booty call" anthem.

--There is Thursday night football for the rest of the year as the NFL adds a mid-week game thanks to the NFL network. As big as an NFL fan as I am, I'm not a big fan of the Thursday games. Thanksgiving is a different story, but the games just don't seem to have the same intensity to them.

--Why are a lot of people seemingly conceeding at the midway point of the season that it is going to be a Colts-Saints Super Bowl. I say neither team gets to the big game.

--The Mrs. has won more money than me on NFL pro-line this year. ????? Her 488 dollar win this past Sunday puts her about oh----450 dollars ahead of me. Is it luck or skill?

--Is Charlie Harper(Two and a Half Men) this decade's equivalent of Al Bundy? As guys, haven't we all wanted to live the life of Charlie?

--Tumblers Pizza is still the best pizza in Regina. I don't care if its a little more expensive than the others, its worth it.

--Vin Scully says he is going to stay as the Dodgers play by play man for at least another year. He's been with the team for 60 years and has the longest tenure of any broadcaster with the same team in sports. I'm not sure, but Rod Pedersen may be in the top 10 of that list with all of his years with the Pats. He's got to be the senior citizen of WHL play-by-play guys, but this senior isn't losing his ability any. That being said, I do keep waiting for him to say Eberle completes a pass to Fantuz or Durant scores from Leffler and Teubert. Just kidding RP!

--Why are people so oblivious when sitting at the gas bar on SaskDrive, a Tim Hortons or a gas station that has a car wash that they are blocking traffic or entrances while trying to get what they want. Use some common sense people!

--NHL GM's are finally going to address headshots. This is way overdue. However, I am starting to wonder just how "soft" hockey is going to be in the next decade.

--Ken Griffey Junior is coming back for a 21st season. How close to Barry Bonds' record would he be if he stayed healthy throughout his career?

--How many of your Facebook friends would you sit down to have a beer with? How many would buy you a beer? Do you see one of them and they have no clue who you are? Too funny!

--What else is funny? The more things change, the more they seemingly stay the same. I could explain that statement, but it would take way too long.

--Am I the only guy that drinks spicy Clamato straight up?

--Can November 22nd just get here already? I don't know why, but when the NFL released its schedule this year and I saw the Seahawks were playing the Vikings in Minneapolis, I knew for some reason that the Riders would be hosting the Western final that day so I had better not pursue a trip to the Twin Cities. Again, I don't know why, it was just a feeling. I wish I could get that same feeling when filling out a Lotto Max ticket.

--Would an all-Western Grey Cup in a Western city be bad for the CFL?

--The Dan Patrick Show is the best sports radio talk show out there. There simply is no comparison.

Thanks for checking in!


Anonymous said...

I too owe Kornegay an apology. I thought he was way too small and that he wouldn't be able to get the job done. His performance this year was overshadowed by Chick and Baggs, but he could have been easily a nominee for DP of year.

Charlie Harper--best character on TV.

Anonymous said...

Mo who?

Anonymous said...

Durant must be loving the fact that all his detractors are losing their arguments one by one. There is no more denying that he is our leader and that he should be here for quite a few years. I'm sure there are those waiting to pounce on him and Miller though should he struggle in the WF.

I totally agree with you on Taylor Swift. She has plenty of time to win entertainer of the year but there's no way she should beat George!

Lady Antebellum was great in Saskatoon. I hope they are Craven bound.

I have over 500 facebook friends. If they all buy me a beer, I'm pasted from now until the Grey Cup---the 2011 Grey Cup that is.


Stephen LaRose said...

A better question about Ken Griffey Junior would be this: how close would he be to Barry Bonds if Bonds didn't have access to the juice? -- or would Junior have more home runs?