Thursday, May 26, 2011

Etch Steps Down

The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced today Gary Etcheverry has resigned his role as defensive assistant coach for the club.

“Due to personal and family commitments, Gary expressed his desire to pursue business opportunities outside of football. While the timing is unfortunate, we understand that this opportunity is what’s best for Gary and his family,” stated Riders Vice President of Football Operations Ken Miller. “We’d like to thank Gary for his hard work and dedication he has shown to the Riders over the past few years.”

Etcheverry spent the past three seasons coaching with the Riders, serving as the defensive coordinator in 2009 and 2010. Etch joined the CFL coaching ranks in 1997 after a number of years coaching in the U.S. college system and NFL Europe.


Anonymous said...

I liked Etch. I wish it was Berry that resigned.

Anonymous said...

Etch took a lot of flak from people here for his D, but you can't argue with where he helped get this team too. I'm sure he leaves on the right foot, but you hafta wonder if he would do this if Richie wasn't in the picture.

Anonymous said...

Good analogy on show today between this decision and Schultz'. When the real world comes calling, you gotta listen especially if the $$$ are there.


Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for Etcheverry, Kornegay wouldn't be the player he is. I think a couple of other guys could say that too. Etch's schemes are a little uncoventional, but he gets the job done and thats what matters. Great show today!


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Kornegay, Remenda came on tonight and said what a class move it was for Tad and others to tweet kind words to Etch today. I guess that shows what a classless jerk Remenda is for not having the bag to contact you when you got booted. If you didn't hear the show tonight Mitch, he also came off as the jackass that he is again.

PS: Where ya been hidin? Haven't seen you at PB, haven't seen you at HIW. Are you a shut-in now?

Anonymous said...

I said it at the time and I'll say it again, it was a mistake hiring Richie. Why would you want to go back to the Roy and Danny era? I'll miss Etch and I'll bet the players will too.