Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rejoice Winnipeg!!

Winnipeg is back in the NHL. After a 15 year absence, Gary Bettman and Mark Chipman announced the Atlanta Thrashers are relocating. Here is the story.

Priority #1 ---Talk to Anaheim and work out a trade for Teemu Selanne.


Anonymous said...

I lived in Wpg and had season tickets when the team moved. I never ever thought this day would come.


Anonymous said...

A day to remember!!

Anonymous said...

Priority 2- Get Shane Doan
Priority 509 - Get Khabbybulin


Anonymous said...

Selanne's a UFA for 11-12. Why wouldn't they just wait until July 1 and go for him in free agency. Better yet, they could speak to his Winnipeg based agent, Don Baizley, and find out Selanne's intentions for the upcoming season before making an emotional pitch for a 40 something 3rd liner.

I don't see either party making this deal anyway. Sadly, it was deals similar to the one proposed here that made the Winnipeg Jets a bottom feeder, and new ownership wants to distance the new team from the old as much as possible.


Online Marketing Consultant said...

Always felt a kinship with the other non-traditionals like y’all, Florida, Tampa, and Nashville. To see y’alls team taken away so unceremoniously is depressing for Southern hockey fans everywhere. My condolences.

Photography Expert said...

If players don’t want to play or be in Winnipeg, can they actually request a trade? Not that they’d get it granted, but can they request it?

Seduction Secrets Revealed said...

As was the case in the Coyotes saga, there doesn't appear to be any timelines. But True North is eager to get a deal done as soon as possible, while Thrashers ownership, for the most part, is urgently trying to sell the team. This is a great game. Thanks for sharing this.