Sunday, February 3, 2013

Something To "Mitch" About

So, where does Super Bowl 47 rank? It was an entertaining game and it was that did come down to an end, but I don't think it will go up there as one of the all-time great games. It looked like it was going to be a blowout and it might have been until the power went out at the Superdome. Did anyone make a prop bet on that?

There is no doubt the half hour delay helped the 49ers and they just about came back off the canvas again like they did against Atlanta, but in the end they couldn't pull it off thanks to what I thought was a poor, poor call on 4th down. I don't know about you, but I thought the Niners were looking for an interference call by just throwing it up for grabs. Why not spread the field and have Colin Kaepernick try and run it in or hand it off to Frank Gore or at the very least throw it to Vernon Davis who seemed unstoppable. It was a very bizarre call and it was a good no-call by the referees.

On the other sideline, there is no doubt that Joe Flacco is now up there with the game's great quarterbacks. He has leaped over many with his performance and he now has a championship on his resume. Flacco was outstanding on this afternoon and perhaps no more so than the drive in the 4th quarter after San Francisco had cut the deficit to two. Flacco had to kill time and generate some points. He did both as he led the team down the field for a field goal to make it 34-29. He should be in for a big, big payday from the Ravens.

What ads did you like? I liked the Audi ad where the kid goes to the prom and kisses the prom queen before getting punched out, the Duluth trading company underwear ad, the Oreo ad in the library and the ad where the guy in the laundromat says "I'd fold your panties anytime". I don't even know what that ad was for.

Can you imagine the gongshow it would be if the power went out at the Grey Cup? It was purely accidental, but every joke made about that will be deserving of the NFL cuz you know that Americans would just heap it on us if it happened here.

What was John Harbaugh chewing out the officials for just after the power came back on. He really went after that one guy ---not once, but three times. It was amusing to see him chirp, put his headset on, walk down the sidelines. Walk back, take the headset off and chirp again.

Best tweets I saw during the blackout.  1) This is the worst Buffalo Wild Wings ad ever  2) This is the revenge of the replacement refs.

I kept waiting for WWE villains "The Shield" to run down and powerbomb the Harbaughs or Ray Lewis through a table!  Who's kidding who, that would have been AWESOME!

Steve Tasker is no Chris Cuthbert when it comes to covering during a blackout. As a broadcaster, there were tinges of sympathy for Tasker who had the spotlight on him and stammered miserably throughout.

I can't believe the amount of people that caved in with the NHL lockout ending and purchased Centre Ice for $50. A bunch of people I know were so sick and tired of the NHL and they weren't going to support it when it came back yet these are the people that plunked 50 dollars down. CMON!!! What a message of defiance you have sent to the league! Someone asked me if I am liking what I am seeing from the Oilers and how much hockey I am watching. The answer is I'm not watching a lot. I think I've watched a grand total of eight periods of hockey. I haven't watched a game on HNIC. I know the scores and I read the boxscores, but that's it. The interest just isn't there yet. It will come back at some point, I don't know when though. All I know is that when there's a game on, there is something else I am watching. With football being over now though, I'm sure it won't take long before I start checking out a few more games.

What to do now with football over until CFL camps start up? This winter has been bad enough and now no football! Hmmmmmmmmmmm!

I know Drew Willy is entrenched as the number 2 guy in Saskatchewan behind Darian Durant, but I wouldn't mind the team going after a more experienced Adrian McPherson just in case something should happen to Darian. It won't happen though. At least I don't expect it to.

In the past week, I have run into two women who don't eat the crust on their bread and they are both in their 20's. I find that disturbing yet adorable in the same way.

Lebron James had his picture taken with the Grey Cup Saturday night. That is cool! The CFL and the Argos should find a way to get more celebs with the Cup as they market the league.

I get the feeling that Michigan and Indiana will be playing a few more times this year in mens college basketball. It wouldn't surprise me if that's the championship game. Those two teams put on a very entertaining game Saturday night.

When did Rachel Nichols start working for CNN? For that matter, when did CNN start doing sports again. They had on a two hour special from the SuperBowl Saturday afternoon that Nichols was hosting.

Having a scratchy throat is not a good thing when you are supposed to be talking on the radio every hour. It could be an interesting week.

Did we get an official ruling on groundhogs day? Is spring on the way?

Are you going to miss the penny? I won't. How much longer till the nickel goes?

That's about all.  Later!


Anonymous said...

The M and M ad in the first quarter was the best one IMO.

Anonymous said...

Jim Harbaugh really needs to grow up!

Anonymous said...

Who is Rachel Nichols?

Anonymous said...

The geek and the Sports Illustrated swim model was too funny! They even showed it twice!


Anonymous said...

Lot of hockey fans aren't though whose bark is worse than their bite Scruff. I bought the package too after saying I'd had enough of the NHL. Its just the Canadian in me I guess. GO BRUINS!!

Chris G

Anonymous said...

Seeing Jim Harbaugh lose is never ever a bad thing!

Anonymous said...

The farmer ad made me vomit! I won't buy a Dodge product again after that.

The best ad was the geek and the model. Too funny!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on the James-CFL thing.

Anonymous said...

The farmer ad was great. Best one of the bunch. I'm surprised someone hasn't done that earlier since the speech was done in the late 70's


75flyersbestteamever said...

i must say the best ad i saw (via Twitter) was the 2 stars of "Two Broke Girls" pole dancing promoting their show.
..amazingly i didn't choose CTV's "Motive" promo being it was shown about 15 times on the CTV affiliate I caught the game on.

Anonymous said...

Coout me as one of those ones who caved. The deal was too good to pass up and now I can watch the game that I missed every night. GO DUCKS!

Anonymous said...

Two Broke Girls? Are you kidding me? That anorexic blonde might be the worst thing on TV today. No thanks!


75flyersbestteamever said...

Hey Justin,
She may not be your cup of tea, but google "Beth Behrs" images ..scroll to page two and see if you still feel the same.
..and if you do maybe life as a CFL official may be for you
..or at least presidency in the Melissa McCarthy fan club.
..just kidding bro!! BTW what was your fav ad?