Friday, March 14, 2014

PCL Wins Right To Build Regina's New Stadium

The City of Regina announced that PCL Construction Management Inc. has been chosen as the Preferred Proponent by the Stadium Project RFP evaluation team.  The City of Regina and PCL Construction Management Inc. now move to the next phase of the procurement process, which is contract execution and financial close.


The Preferred Proponent team includes:


PCL Construction Management Inc. (Construction and Finance Team Lead)

HKS | Sports & Entertainment (Lead Design Engineer and Sports Architect)

B+H Architects (Architect of Record)

TD Securities (Financial Advisor)


“We are extremely pleased to be moving to the next stage of the procurement process with PCL Construction Management Inc.,” said Deputy City Manager & COO Brent Sjoberg, who is responsible for the project. “They are a world class team with a dynamic proposal to deliver the facility our community deserves on budget and ready in 2017.  We look forward to releasing the design details that everyone is anxious to see once financial close is complete.”


The Stadium Project is the keystone project and the first of three phases of the Regina Revitalization Initiative, the largest redevelopment project in our city’s history.


“To be chosen as the Preferred Proponent for the Regina Revitalization Initiative Stadium Project brings great pride to our organization, which has roots in Saskatchewan going back to 1906,” said Sean Hamelin, District Manager, PCL Construction Management Inc. “We are excited to bring our team’s expertise to the City of Regina, Province of Saskatchewan, Evraz Place, and the Saskatchewan Roughriders Football Club, and are looking forward to this opportunity.”  


Financial close and finalizing the Project Agreement can take up to eight weeks to complete.  Once finalized the Preferred Proponent will design, build and provide interim financing for the Stadium Project, beginning in the 2014 construction season.


The Stadium Project RFP evaluation team worked with a contracted Fairness Advisor, P1 Consulting, and used specific criteria in reviewing each proposal including the following categories: Proponent Team, Design Capability and Experience, Construction Capability and Experience & Financial and Financing Information.


For additional information on the Regina Revitalization Initiative and the Stadium Project visit

As for the group designing the facility, they have done work with many stadiums.


Anonymous said...

5:03 pm. Hey !!!! You were on CBC tv just a couple minutes ago Mr. Blair.

Anonymous said...

Why did we wait a year for this announcement???

Anonymous said...

Do we know why PCL and not the other two? Was PCL given the go-ahead because they did City Square?

Anonymous said...

What's the stadium going to look like? Why was that not part of the process?


Anonymous said...

This is a joke!!!

Anonymous said...

"Little Concrete Blob On The Prairies"

Anonymous said...

Here come the haters!

Anonymous said...

I'd be OK with this if the city wasn't so hush-hush on it. Some transparency is needed here. Why won't they tell us what PCL over the top? What did they do or promise that the other two couldn't. It makes the city look bad. If all goes well, no one will care by 2017 when the Riders move in, but the city doesn't look good here by not releasing the info the public wants.

Anonymous said...

I could care less about who is building it. I want to know what the place is going to look like and from looking at the HKS website, I think its safe to say we will have a nice little product on our hands.