Saturday, April 12, 2014

Oilers Fans Speak Out

The Edmonton Journal asked Oilers fans what they would do about their team and what the future holds for a team who seemingly is just spinning its wheels despite having the talent.  The answers aren't that much surprising. Click here for story


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised at the love being shown for Eakins. I guess you can't have a different coach every year, but it appears fans are willing to give him another chance.

Anonymous said...

The Oilers are like the Pats. Get rid of Kevin Lowe like the Pats did with Brent Parker and good times will follow. Mark my words!


75flyersbestteamever said...

SThe Oil should consider breaking up "Big Three" as unless other teams want picks from them in a deal. Change must come now.
Chemistry is a big thing --Iginla didn't really mesh well in Pittsburgh, but is riding high in Boston (must spit now that I complimenting the Bruins)
Firing Lowe won't stop 8 goals from the Flames or other teams stomping them next year. Changes on the ice (defensemen for sale anyone? )are needed or its "see ya next year" on the course.
I guess maybe Kevin can borrow MacT's phone until some "bold moves" are actually completed.

Anonymous said...

Too much flash and not enough grit. Its starting to come though. I would see if they can peddle Gagner, RNH or Yakupov for a 1st or 2nd and an established player. Imagine a guy like RNH as a 2nd line center in Pittsburgh. I'm guessing you get could Niskanen or Martin for that with Pouliot just about ready to go. I'd love to see someone like Brouwer end up in Edmonton too. One heart and soul former Warrior leaves to be replaced by another. its fun playing GM.


Anonymous said...

HA HA HA Jason!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe they're backing Eakins, they were becoming a better team last year under Ralph Kreuger.