Sunday, April 13, 2014

Something To "Mitch"About

--The Edmonton Oilers didn't do a lot right this season, but they sure ended the season with a bang and I'm not talking about the on-ice victory. The ceremony surrounding the retirement of Ryan Smyth was simply spectacular. The Oilers never had the chance to say goodbye personally to the greats that have worn the uniform because they ended their career elsewhere, but they had a chance to say goodbye to Smytty Saturday night in a night that left many Oiler fans (like me) a little misty-eyed. I still believe his legacy in Edmonton was tarnished a little bit because of his last second trade to the Islanders a few years ago, but there was no doubting the love affair number 94 had with Edmonton and vice-versa.  It was very classy of Andrew Ference to give up the "C" for just one night to Smytty, it was bizarre, yet good to see the Oilers try to get him a record setting power play goal and it was extremely classy of the Vancouver Canucks to come back on the ice after it was over to shake his hand. Word is he didn't get out of his jersey until well after midnight as teammates and members of the organization wanted to get their picture taken with him.  It only makes me wonder what might have been planned by the organization had Gretzky, Messier, Coffey, Weight, Fuhr etc. etc played their last NHL game in an Edmonton uniform. Thank you Smytty!! I'm guessing a job in the organization awaits.

--From Ron McLean Saturday night---206 of the 320 players on NHL playoff team rosters going into play Saturday are Canadian born. There will be a solid Canadian contingent in the NHL playoffs so lets stop this stupid talk of having to root for Montreal because they are the lone Canadian team.  That really gets under my skin and it did when Edmonton was in the Cup final way back when.

--The season is over and its time for the playoffs to start. Have you had your hockey draft  yet? We had a Sportscage draft Friday night and lets just say if I can have a Tampa-LA or a Detroit-LA final, I should be getting some money. I'm in another one tonight so we will see what happens.

 --Sidney Crosby was the first pick in our playoff draft. In a regular season draft, its a no-brainer, but would you take Sid number one in a playoff draft unless you know the Penguins are going far and there is no indication of that. I ended up with the number 7 pick and took Anze Kopitar with my first selection.

--Did you catch REDBLACKS quarterback Henry Burris on Sportscage Friday. Public enemy #1, (he still has that honor doesn't he ) was firing on all cylinders to get the hype machine going for the pre-season game between the two-----one that will see Ottawa serving as the home team.  Some of his comments....

         ----Henry reminded everyone he has worn #1 in the CFL thanks to Rider fans when he approached the Leader-Post asking for a story in which he asked them to decide what number he should wear. He's worn #1 ever since he's been a Rider thanks to you Rider Nation

          ----The team may be an expansion team, but he was real impressed with what he saw in his team's two day mini-camp.

       ----He has found out very quickly what type of football town Ottawa is
       ----He's looking forward to being at Mosaic for the pre-game contest in which his team will be the home team meaning they get the home sidelines. He jokes fans should be chanting "Darrrrrrrr-iiiiii-annnnnnn" and that he will have a map letting the Riders know where their bench is. He thinks it will be a great experience and that he looks forward to once again doing his thing in front of Rider fans.

--Bubba Watson was as cool as the other side of the pillow in winning the Masters. He just went out and got the job done Sunday to take his second green jacket. Did anyone miss a guy wearing a red shirt walking around Augusta National this weekend. I didn't. It was refreshing to watch other golfers play their rounds instead of having to see CBS give us Tiger overkill as they and the networks usually do. Yes, I realize Tiger is golf, but we are starting to see a changing of the guard and I'm all for it.
--I'm not big on baseball replay so far. There's too much delay as a manager decides whether or not to challenge and I really don't understand the blocking home plate rule. Cubs shortstop Starlin Castro was dead to rights in a game against Pittsburgh this week yet was called safe because the umpire ruled the catcher was blocking the plate. I don't know how that can be the case when the catcher was standing at the far edge of the plate waiting for Castro to slide into the tag but whatever.  This will be like pass interference in football----smost calls will be highly debatable.

--What type of circus will the Montreal Alouettes be if Chad Johnson plays for them this year. It can't be any worse than when Ricky Williams played for the Argos can it? Can it?

--I'm guessing John Tortorella and Bob Hartley won't be drinking beers together anytime soon. The hate these two have for one another is genuine methinks.

--If the Winnipeg Jets don't re-hire Paul Maurice they're crazy.

--Congratulations to Chris Cuthbert. Perhaps the best hockey/football combo p x p announcer on this planet has been locked up for 6 years by TSN.  Part of me was wondering if the CFL was going to need a new voice, but we need not worry anymore.

--Take note....Every day this week days is gonna be the same backwards:


--Have a great week everyone!


Anonymous said...

Henry can do all the PR he wants but he'll never erase my memory of his deer in the headlights look after that hike sailed past him in the Grey Cup. That's the highlight of Hank's career in my mind.

Anonymous said...

I missed DeLaet more this weekend than I missed Tiger.

Anonymous said...

What bothers me about baseball replay is the fact managers come out to "discuss" things with umps until a yay or nay signal is given from the dugout. That shouldn't be allowed.


Anonymous said...

Great news for Cuthbert! I wonder if he will end up doing TSN Jets or Canadiens games.

Anonymous said...

It would be funny to see Rider fans chant Darian from the East side. I think even Durant would chuckle seeing its a pre-season game.

Anonymous said...

Great nite for Smytty. He just needed a goal.

Anonymous said...

Tiger Shmiger. We got to see other golfers do their thing this weekend instead of watching Tiger shoot a 75 and dissect each and every shot ten different ways. I realize Tiger is golf right now, but this young group of guys coming up is phenomenal. I would bet Spieth is a heavy favourite to win next year's event and guys like Scott, Bubba, Day, Dufner, DeLaet...etc. etc. etc aren't going anywhere.