Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Riders Tweak Their Logo

The Saskatchewan Roughrider Football Club officially unveiled an updated logo today. The original logo was developed in 1985 and has essentially remained unchanged for over 30 years.

“The timing was right for us to refresh and update our logo as we begin a new jersey partnership with adidas, and prepare to move into new Mosaic Stadium,” noted Riders Vice-President of Business Development and Marketing, Gregg Sauter. “While the changes are subtle, the logo more accurately reflects our official colour scheme with a clean and modern feel, while still maintaining the iconic image.”

There are four main changes made to the logo:
•         Inside liner has been eliminated
•         Three inside horizontal lines are now straight instead of staggered
•         Shortened tail on the ‘S’ which is now equally balanced with the top
•         Silver has been replaced with white

“The Rider logo is one of the most recognized marks in Canadian sports,” added Sauter. “Our goal was to evolve the logo in such a way that it becomes more vibrant with a distinct focus on the green and white. We feel the modifications will have a positive impact across the growing number of digital and physical mediums we are reaching.”

The new logo will be integrated wherever possible beginning immediately, with a full takeover in 2017.

Rider merchandise with the new logo, including the launch of the new adidas jerseys, will be available soon at all Rider Store locations.


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And this is necessary why??? #cashgrab

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Mind blown!