Friday, July 29, 2016

This And That

Welcome to Friday! Here are the usual weekly thoughts running through my muddled mind, and as always they come in no particular order.

--ITS GAMENIGHT!!  The Saskatchewan Roughriders and Montreal Alouettes will battle it out in Friday Night Football in a 5 PM start. Who's leaving work early today? The Alouettes just played on Monday, and it is somewhat unfair they should have to strap it on again on Thursday, but they agreed to it when the CFL schedule came out so let's go.  Mitchell Gale will start for the Riders, and I am sure Montreal has some things to look at when it comes to the graduate of Abilene Christian who looked good in the win over Ottawa. What worries me going into this game is the Riders o-line. Brendon Labatte, Dan Clark, and Xavier Fulton are out. GULP!! I am guessing John Bowman, Chip Cox, Bear Woods and the rest of that front seven must be smiling like Hugh Hefner at a pool party.  It is safe to say Josiah St. John, Andrew Jones, Kennedy Estelle and others will be tested and tested big-time.  Get the ball out of your hands quick Mitch and maybe run the ball a few times too to keep that front seven on their heels. On the other side of the ball, this defense seems to be getting better snap by snap so they could make it difficult for Kevin Glenn. I don't see a lot of points being scored in this game, but I see the Riders getting more points. Let's go with a 25-16 win.

--What CFL team hasn't thrown an INT this year? If you guessed the green-and-white, you would b right. Darian Durant had thrown 6 TD's before he went down to injury and Gale has thrown 2. If typing out this stat results in 3-4 INT's being thrown tonight, please blame it on Rob Vanstone. It's what I would do. It refreshes the soul. It really does.

--Ben Cahoon is getting his jersey retired tonight. Is it just me or do teams do these kinds of things when the Riders visit? Then again, the Lions are putting Jason Clermont on their Wall of Fame when Hamilton visits next month so maybe its just me. By the way, congrats to JC on that honour. 

--Going into Week 6, 70 TD passes had been thrown in the CFL. Does this mean the game is more exciting? The product is better now than it was a couple of years ago when it was tough to watch a Rider game or any game, but I still find the amount of penalties, reviews and challenges to be taking away from the entertainment value a CFL game should have. Do you like the game as it stands right now?

--A question for Toronto Blue Jays fans.  By the way, if you are a Blue Jays fan since July 1, 2015, you can sit down because this doesn't apply to you. Who is the greatest Jay of all time? I would think the answer would have to be Roberto Alomar, but where do you place Josh Donaldson? He has to be top 5 and maybe even top 2. If Donaldson can get the Jays back to where they were in Alomar's hey-day and win another MVP trophy, the mantle may be his for the taking.

--I haven't missed him one bit, but where has Buck Martinez gone? Matt Devlin has done a fantastic job taking over for Martinez in the broadcast booth and has shown once again he is more than just a basketball guy. I don't know if there are any personal reasons attached to Buck's absence, but I can't help but wonder how a baseball play-by-play guy gets two weeks off in the middle of the season. That would be like giving Rod Pedersen time off right now and Phil Andrews time off in January during the middle of the Pats season. Martinez has from October until March to take holidays. It seems a little odd to me.

--NFL training camps are starting. That brings a smile to my face

--A hearty congratulations to Barb Ryan. The mother of Steve, Jill and their brother Jon. She was named the 2016 Red Cross Humanitarian of the Year by the Red Cross this week and will be honored at a dinner in October.  Those who know Barb know what type of individual she is, those who don't know her don't know what they are missing.  You do not find much better in this city or this province than Barb. Those who know her agree 100 percent.

--That's all I got. Have a great weekend. GO RIDERS


Anonymous said...

I don't know how the Riders are to win tonight with a 2nd string o-line, 2nd string QB, 2nd string RB and one of our receivers out, but damn it, they will find a way.

Sask 25 Mtl 20


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Hervey goes home at night and wishes he had been a little more friendly to Chris Jones. Not hard to see a LOT of the success the Eskimos had can be pinned on his shoulders. Makes me optimistic for 17, 18 and beyond.


Anonymous said...

Roughriders - 28 Alouettes - 22

Anonymous said...

Pat Tabler got some time off before the All Star Break, and Buck just got his break post-All Star Game. It's a 162 game season with very few days off in there. For a 67 year old, that can't be easy.

But yes, Matt Devlin proves again why he's one of the best. He's even brought his whole family up to Canada and they've made it their year round home. The kids are even playing hockey. I'd love to see him on a couple more CFL games too. He did great in 2012 when Rod Black went to London to cover the Olympics.

Anonymous said...

The best Blue Jay ever? That's easy, it's Robbie Alomar. No one else is even close and that includes Donaldson.

Meanwhile enjoy the fact that the Evil Empire has lost two in a row.

Anonymous said...

Let's add to the Jays debate. Great question BTW. Who is the best pitcher in Jays history---Stieb or Halladay?


Anonymous said...

On Monday, I thought the Riders were winning. I have done a complete 360 now!

Anonymous said...

A complete 360? So you're exactly where you were before, but dizzier?

Anonymous said...


You do bring up a great point.

Do hockey p s p guys take two weeks off in the middle of the season to go sun themselves?
Do CFL/NFL/NBA p x p guys take two weeks off in the middle of the season for whatever?

The baseball season runs from mid-March to October. Buck does nothing else for Sportsnet and can lounge wherever from the time the last pitch is thrown until spring training begins. This isn't the first time this has happened either. Odd!


Anonymous said...

Ya mean ya started at point A and ened up full circle back at point A? Rider win!

Anonymous said...

If the Riders can run the ball (BIG IF), I think they can steal this one. Montreal hasn't impressed me and Kevin Glenn will throw a bad pass at a crucial time. GO RIDERS!!


Unknown said...

Best pitcher in Jay's history would be Roy Halladay... Steib was great but Halladay was better