Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Argos Reduce Ticket Prices For 2016 Grey Cup

The Toronto Argonauts are reducing ticket prices for this year's Grey Cup game which goes November 27 at BMO Field.

Tickets will start at $89 with thousands available for under $150.

Under previous pricing, the cheapest tickets were priced at $169 and $199.

Argos president Michael Copeland says the changes recognize the Toronto sports landscape has been a busy one this year. The NBA all-star game, the Toronto Raptors playoff run and World Cup of Hockey have happened here while the Blue Jays are currently facing the Cleveland Indians in the American League Championship Series.


Anonymous said...

That's the excuse they are using?

Anonymous said...

Two Western teams playing in Toronto at GC will be a disaster for CFL. Then again, this is the CFL where disaster is something they embrace.

Anonymous said...

There are apparently entire sections for sale. THis had to be done.

Anonymous said...

Scrap the CFL West/East Divisions. Only the best of the best get to play for a championship title. Teams not aspiring or doing enough to climb the ladder of success get to stay in the basement where they belong.