Friday, January 6, 2017

WOAH!! Justin Dunk Says Riders and Alouettes Discussed Durant Trade

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Could the Riders really trade Darian Durant? 3Down Nation's Justin Dunk says the Alouettes and Riders have engaged in trade talks.  The full article from Dunk can be found right here.


Anonymous said...

Vernon Adams Jr would NOT be an upgrade!

Anonymous said...

WHAT? This is insane. Can't believe Kavis would actually turn this down, but it is Kavis.

That move would not excite me one bit!

Anonymous said...

I think the writing is on the wall. Rider fans need to accept Darian will not be back in green and white.


Anonymous said...

Kavis is smart, very smart - watch out Mr. Jones! Kavis can sit back and wait for free agency then open up his cheque book. No need for the Als to give up their future star QB Vernon Adams who can then learn from the wily old vet Durant for a couple of years. Durant and Nik Lewis would be a great pairing to see in action. Maybe Kavis can then swing a deal with the Bombers for old Weston Dressler, setting the Als on course to challenge the Redblacks for domination of the east division. Adams and Franklin are the two best prospects out there and it will be tough for the Riders to get one of them young guns here in 2017. Best sign Durant soon. Time to cave Mr. Jones.

Anonymous said...

If Kavis had any sense of sensibility he would do this trade asap as it Improves his team ten fold immediately. Get it done already.

Go Als Go!

Anonymous said...

Lord knows what Calamity Jones is up to but we know it won't be any good.