Friday, March 3, 2017

This And That

Welcome to Friday! Here are the usual weekly thoughts running through my muddled mind, and as always they come in no particular order.

Marc Trestman is back in the CFL.  Trestman and Jim Popp will try to duplicate the success they had with one another in Montreal where they went to three Grey Cups winning two of them,  I think it is a little too late to think an instant turnaround is coming, I also think it is a little too late for Toronto.  In making the hiring, the Argos said "Its the beginning of a new era!" Isn't that what they said last year when they moved into BMO Field? Isn't that what they said when they won the Grey Cup a few years ago?  I don't think Trestman and Popp move the needle at all when it comes to interest in the Argos in Toronto. If they do, it won't be by much,   If wins come, there will be more interest, but this team is a long ways away from being on the radar of Toronto sports fans again.  One couldn't help notice that the signing comes as A) the Blue Jays grapefruit league season begins and B) the NHL trade deadline comes with the Leafs serving as buyers.  I want to see the Argos succeed for the good of the entire CFL, but it isn't happening. Sadly, I see that trend continuing.

Now that Trestman is there, I ask you this though. Is their rebuild going to be better than that of the green-and-white.  I think the Riders are a better team, but Trestman makes Toronto a better team as well,  Where will each of them be in two years time? Where will each of them be in one year's time? If the Argos have a better record than the Riders at the end of the 2017 season, I shudder to think what it will be like around here.  By the way, I don't see that happening!

One had to wonder what Drew Willy was thinking when Trestman said his starting quarterback is Ricky Ray. It had some wondering if Willy could be on his way out of Toronto and if he ends up back here. Why not! Let's throw his name into the revolving could he be our quarterback door!

The CFL held a board of governors meeting in Arizona lately, but no one seemingly wants you to know about it and tell you what was discussed.  When the NHL or MLB board of governors meets, its somewhat of a big deal with information being dispersed.  The same when NFL and NBA league meetings are held. With that being said, why does the CFL keep sticking its head in the sand?  It is OK to talk about your league and its goings-on in the off-season.  It keeps the fans engaged, and that is what you want isn't it?  On Tuesday, I watched a show on ESPN that had 3 hours of NFL talk. Wouldn't that be nice once a week on TSN?  Wouldn't it be nice if the league created some headlines while at the BOG meeting? Wouldn't it be nice if they let their fans know what they are up to instead of hiding under a veil of secrecy?  Are they hiding something? They seemingly want so much, but do so little.

Speaking of which, CFL Week is just about upon us. Can you feel the buzz? The league has a great idea, but they seemingly want it to fail. Why? The initial announcement at the Brewhouse was met with great favoritism.  Everything went silent until an event at Mark's a couple of weeks ago and now its silent again. Yes, a conference call was had on Thursday, but does the league think Rider Nation will make this a success because of their love for football?  Many still aren't even sure what's going on and if the league thinks fans from other cities are coming, they better think again because hotels aren't full for that week. I had someone from Edmonton ask me what was going on. Shouldn't they know?  If this event fails to do what the league thinks it will, they will have no one to blame but themselves.  Marketing your product shouldn't be that difficult, buton the surface,  it apparently is.  The beat goes on.

Enough of the CFL! Let's move on to other topics

Congratulations to Jordan Weal.  The former Regina Pat got his first NHL goal Tuesday night for the Philadelphia Flyers in a win over Colorado. Weal has been with the Flyers for a while now. Is he going to stick? Many hope he does.

Congratulations to Colby Williams. The former Pat let it be known via Twitter he has signed a contract with the Washington Capitals.  With everything that kid has been through, here's hoping he gets some time in the show. He deserves it dont'cha think?

A reader of this blog threw out the name Rick Rypien when it comes to all-time greatest Pats who would be on their Mount Rushmore as I alluded to in Monday's column.  If heart and desire were your top two categories, he would absolutely be there,  I thought about what attention Rypien would have on this current Pats team. He had a lot of attention on what were bad Pats teams, so imagine what it would be like on this team of stars. He would be right up there with the players of today that are making this team special and he would create some extra ice for them with his play. That is a guarantee,  If Rick were still here, the Brandt Centre roof might come off if he performed a ceremonial puck drop.

This Oilers fan was hoping Brandon Davidson could find a way to stay after the Vegas expansion draft, but he couldn't.  I think Edmonton could have gotten a lot better for him than David Desharnais, but it was a deal that had to be made as the Oilers risked losing him for nothing. If Benoit Pouliot ends up going to Vegas instead, I might be more OK with this deal, In the end, it is two players who have been struggling looking for new starts. The deal gives Edmonton some more depth at forward.

Speaking of the Pats, why is it a two game losing streak causes doom and gloom.  This Pats team has basically nothing left to play for. They are trying to get healthy and they are coasting to the finish line. Yes, they are coasting.

Did John Paddock do too much in trading some guys away? I say the answer is no as they are still a solid bet to be in Windsor at this year's Memorial Cup.  As I said on the Cage Wednesday, this team is by far and away (sorry Moose Jaw) the best team in the Eastern Conference.  I don't know if they can beat Everett or Seattle in the league final, but they will be there.  Paddock hasn't made many mistakes since he's been here, and if this doesn't work out, I expect he will take the blame and every catcall that comes his way. I don't see it happening though----not until the final at least.  It should be a great one tonight at the rink as the Medicine Hat Tigers visit. It's a battle of division leaders, and the Tigers come in hungrier than the Pats as they are trying to fend off Lethbridge.

Teams have more to play for generally win games so if that Pats losing streak hits 3 tonight, I won't be shocked, but it won't have my confidence waning any  Let's start the playoffs already!

Good luck to Dave Taylor and the U of R womens basketball team. Another trip to the nationals could happen tonight with a win over Winnipeg in Saskatoon. If that happens, this blogger may have to make his way to the U of S campus for Saturday night's conference final.

Good luck to Adam Casey. It won't be easy facing the likes of Kevin Koe, Brad Gushue, Glenn Howard and others at the Tim Horton's Brier, but he will give it his best.  I don't know how he finishes, but I think he will have a better week in St. Johns than Penny Barker had in St. Catharines. I hope he does as do many Saskatchewan curling fans. 

The Montreal Canadiens know how to do it right.  The video tribute they gave to PK Subban Thursday night was tremendous.  Let's hope a certain football team is taking notes and does something similar when a quarterback from Montreal who used to call Saskatchewan home returns. He deserves it and the fans deserve the opportunity as well. Looks like I went back to talking CFL for a bit. Sorry!

The Arizona Coyotes announced Thursday when fan appreciation night is.  I wonder what they are getting for the guy or gal.

That's all I got. It's supposed to be plus 9 on Saturday. Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Re: CFL Week

The CFL has dropped the ball. You are right. They laid out grandiose plans when the event was announced, but there was no or very little promotion about it after. Is this a league initiative? Is it a Riders initiative? There have been no ads about it on TSN or CTV, no nothing.

The marketing minds at the CFL need to be replaced if the league is going to succeed.

As for Toronto, if they can find a way to get 30000 people into BMO, they will be successful. That has proven to be easier said than done though for a variety of reasons (ie: bad team, bad scheduling).

Trestman will struggle in his first year because of his late arrival, but like Jones last year, he will find a nucleus to work with and move forward.

The needle will move if wins come. Trestman is a winner. The CFL needs Toronto to keep going because Corporate Canada lives in Toronto.

Good read today!


Anonymous said...

The sooner Rider Nation realizes Franklin isn't coming here, the better off they will be.

Willy is a viable option, but how much confidence does he have left.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Colby and Jordan indeed. The Regiment should be proud of both soldiers.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone come to the combine when there were only 300 tickets available to watch the testing and those are "sold out." They didn't charge for the tickets, but you could take a maximum of six them. No point having all kinds of promotion for an event when you are only going to accommodate 300 people. It is just another example that the CFL must be owned by Disney, because it is run in a mickey mouse fashion.

Anonymous said...

Vince Young is coming to Sask

Anonymous said...

Can't disagree with Ken!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see you and Pedersen cry about the refs or something else when MJ spanks the Pats in the playoffs. That will be so sweet!