Friday, June 16, 2017

Players To Watch

The Riders finish the pre-season off in BC Friday night.  While Chris Jones likely has a majority of his roster written down, there are still some areas where he likely doesn't know who stays and who goes.

Here are five  players to watch for tonight as the green-and-white take the field

KEVIN GLENN -  You really could put all quarterbacks into this, but it is the first appearance of the year for Glenn after he took the first game off.  Glenn will get a chance to work the rust off before giving way to Brandon Bridge, Bryan Bennett and Marquise Williams as he works with the number ones.
MITCH PICTON -  With the release of Canadian receiver Mitchell Baines this week, some believe it has opened the door for Picton to make the roster.  How many reps will he see tonight?  If he is out there a lot, it could be an indication as to whether or not he is going to stick around or not.  If he does make it and makes a game-day roster, his days with the Regina Rams are done.  If he makes it as a practice roster player and doesn't appear on a game-day roster, he can stay with the green-and-white until August 15 before a decision has to be made as to whether he stays in those colours or trades in a Rider jersey for a Rams one to finish off his USports career.
QUINN VAN GYLSWYK -  Josh Bartel will play tonight so Van Gylswyk may not get many punting opportunities as he returns to his home province and the city where he played university football.  Van Gylswyk has shown he can handle all three spots and that could be huge when it comes to finalizing who stays and who goes especially when it comes to Canadians or nationals if you have adhered to that.
DARIUSZ BLADEK -  The Riders 2nd round draft pick was considered by some to be the best offensive lineman in the draft, and there were a lot of them.  Bladek has impressed when given the opportunity, and he will get the chance to start at right guard tonight in place of the injured Josiah St. John.  With the Lions starting their number one unit, Bladek will be put to the test.
CAMERON MARSHALL -  Right now, it would appear as if he is winning the battle to be the starting tailback for the Riders, but Anthony Allen is not making it easy.  Marshall showed some good power in the 25-25 tie with Winnipeg, but Allen had some positives as well.  A solid showing by the former Bomber may give him the job.


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#33 MLB cut after that first BC TD