Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Vince Young Goes Off On The NFL

Greg Bishop of Sports Illustrated came to Saskatoon to speak to Vince Young about his time in the CFL and his time in the NFL.  The quarterback, who is recovering from a torn hamstring injury, did not have kind words about his time south of the border.

You can read the rather lengthy article right here 


Anonymous said...

Grow up!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone notice at the end of this (if you can get that far) that he says he wants to open a Vince Young steakhouse in Saskatoon. Maybe he can build it where the old Bonanza was so Rod and Luc have a place to go next year when at camp.


Anonymous said...

I can't be the only one thinking his text message to Serena Williams is a little bit on the creepy side.

Anonymous said...

Gotta admit, he brings up a great point about Fitzpatrick. Sanchez is still even QB'ing in the league. There are a lot out there worse than VY who are still playing. However, it appears VY does have an axe to grind and feels as if he weren't giving the proper respect.