Tuesday, December 1, 2009

And The Off-Season Begins

The Riders said good-bye to one another yesterday as they cleaned out their lockers, exchanged e-mails and phone numbers, signed footballs, etc. etc. etc. Everyone knows that when the 2010 season starts that the locker room will look different as new players will have arrived with some who represented the green and white so well not coming back. 16 players are free agents as of February 15 with 11 of that 16 being starters on Sunday. The 16 are Marcus Adams, Stevie Baggs, Chris Best, Wes Cates, Hugh Charles, Eddie Davis, Stu Foord, Jocelyn Frenette, Steven Jyles, Tad Kornegay, Omarr Morgan, Luc Mullinder, Marc Parenteau, James Patrick, Chris Szarka and Gerran Walker. Where do these guys fit into the plans and the salary cap.
I would think it would be a no-brainer to retain the services of Davis and Morgan, but does their age and their salary factor into the decision. Cates didn't have the year many thought he would and some questioned whether or not he was 100 percent recovered from his shoulder injury. I would have to think that only one --Cates or Charles--will return. Perhaps neither if the team wants to throw some money Joffrey Reynolds' way, and I realistically don't see that happening.
Now that he is a city councillor will Chris Szarka call it a career? I personally think #33 has a year or two left in him yet. You have to think Baggs and Kornegay will draw tremendous interest so what will it cost to keep them? Will Steven Jyles want to stay here when he perhaps could be a starter in Winnipeg or Toronto?
Questions, questions, questions. Perhaps the bigger question is who will be negotiating the contracts? Remember that Eric Tillman's case goes to court in January.
There is talk Sean Lucas was absent today when the locker-room was getting cleaned out. WRONG!
Lucas wasn't in the room for long, but he did make a quick appearance. Perhaps no more than a minute or two. He had a piece of cake, (there was a lot in the room)had a quick conversation with Weston Dressler, signed a football, grabbed a piece of paper from his locker and went out again. It took no more than two minutes. I had no interest in talking to him. Its not because there is anger on my part because he has been fingered as the 13th man. Its because I don't care. I understand the Rider Nation wanting to know who the guilty culprit is, but if the team isn't going to throw Lucas or whoever under the bus, and the player himself isn't going to make any comments than so be it. Can I say with absolute certainty that no harm would come to Lucas if he did come out and admit he cost the team the Grey Cup by being that 13th man. No I can't. Why is that? Just go to Facebook and see some of the comments that have been made on sites created since Sunday's game.
Some of these people should really be ashamed of themselves. I also know none of these people would have the onions to say anything directly to the player if given the chance. I just hope that whoever it was has had the opportunity to speak to the team. He must be feeling absolutely sick over what has happened and knows he will go down in infamy if his identity is ever revealed. As I have said before, whoever is guilty of a major faux-pas, but if the defence stops Montreal from scoring 18 points in 10 minutes, if the offence gets one first down on their final drive, if Luca Congi makes his first quarter FG, etc. etc. etc, it would have never come down to a Damon Duval field goal. Finding out who the guilty party is doesn't mean the Grey Cup comes here.
Should the smart money on who wins the 2010 Grey Cup be put on the Ti-Cats or Bombers. Consider this boys and girls, there has been a different winner of the Cup for the past six years.
If the pattern continues, it has to be either Winnipeg or Hamilton's turn.
I love this statement from NHL disciplinarian Colin Campbell on the Keith Ballard-Tomas Vokoun situation. Campbell telling The Hockey News the Florida defenceman will not be suspended for giving his own goalie a two-hander across the back of the head Monday night in a move that would surely result in a huge suspension had it been done to another player. Campbell saying the highlights of the hit -- and everything else that goes with it -- is punishment enough. In other words the fact Ballard will be seen on every sports show smacking his goalie will make him feel bad. If that's the case, why was Todd Bertuzzi and Donald Brashear suspended?? That highlight made every sports show. I'm sure the next time someone delivers a vicious two-hander to someone in a different coloured uniform that that highlight will make it on every sports show as well but that player will be hit with a suspension. Yes boys and girls, hypocrisy in the NHL is alive and well!
Tiger's world seems to be collapsing around him. Now another woman has come out saying she had several sexual encounters with Mr. Woods and that she has proof. Tiger is ducking the media for the rest of the year saying he will not play again until the 2010 PGA season starts. Message to Tiger: The questions won't stop and may increase if you don't put this to bed real quick!
Memo to Regina drivers. Yes, driving conditions have gotten bad because of the snow that fell Monday night, but it doesn't mean you drive down streets that are clear at a snails pace. That was just one of the many things that ticked me off while driving around the city Monday.
Thanks to all who read the blog yesterday. Since I started doing this last February, I had my biggest ever day when it comes to views and visits. Are there that many of you that wanted my thoughts on what happened at the Grey Cup? Do you have nothing better to do with your meagre little lives?!! Seriously, thanks for checking the site out. Many of you have delivered kind words either through the blog or face-to-face. Some of you have also done nothing but criticize this blog which makes me wonder why you even come here but whatever. Once again though, I do thank you for taking time out of your day to check out my thoughts. Its appreciated!
One last thing. Whoever thought of putting the Victoria's Secret fashion show on TV is someone who should be given hero status amongst men. In the words of Bart Simpson...."AY CARUMBA!!"


Anonymous said...

Jamie-Lee should have won the Angel search. I thought she had 2 huge advantages.


Anonymous said...

I'll take Ottawa, Moncton, Quebec City and the Saskatoon Hilltops to win the GC before Winnipeg does---especially if they keep Mike Kelly around.

I agree with KC on the angel search!!! I'm so happy my wife had to go out last night.


Anonymous said...

This team is going to take another big hit in free agency. There is no way they can keep Baggs, Davis, Kornegay, Morgan, Cates, etc, etc. and stay under the cap. All of those guys will get looks and I'm sure the pricetag will be too high for Eric or whoever.
Personally, I think you keep the secondary together and say goodbye to Baggs and Adams. Stadnyk and Sykes will have to step in. Tough moves to make, but that's what happens in this salary cap era. Even though he had a good GC game, I can't see the team interested in keeping Wes. Its time for Charles.