Monday, December 14, 2009

Bye, Bye Bart!

No surprise here! The Argos have fired head coach Bart Andrus. In his one year in Toronto, the Argos were a dismal 3-15.
“We would like to thank Bart for his efforts during a challenging season," team president Bob Nicholson said in a press release. "Bart came to us with an impressive resume and we wish him all the best in the future. Our search for a new Head Coach has begun and we look forward to building a winning team on the field.”


Anonymous said...

Any idea as to who the new guy might be? They have to find someone with CFL knowledge as Andrus had none and it showed.

peter dalla riva

Anonymous said...

The big surprise is that Rita didn't get the axe first. Right now, he's the big problem with that franchise

Little Johnny

Anonymous said...

How much CFL knowledge did Trestman have before he came. Andrus didn't surround himself with CFL talent and he didn't have the talent to work with that Trestman has, but to say that was the sole reason for the Argos bad season is dumb.

Anonymous said...

That is total bullshit. Marc Trestman had Tim Burke the former Stampeder D Coordinator which helped him. His OL Coach was Jonathan Himebaugh although short on CFL COaching experience at least played in the CFL. How much coaching does a guy have to do with that OL anyway? Scott Milanovich was his OC, and he had a defacto OC/Asst Coach in Anthony Calvillo to help him along too.

Marc Trestman also solicited advice from the core players on that team, and they brought him up to speed on the nuances. He then blended his style into the mix, and you could see how he took off this year.

Marc Trestman is one of those guys smart enough to admit what he doesn't know, but then compliment what he does know into the situation. I cannot recall a single stupid in game decision this guy has made.