Tuesday, December 15, 2009

That Wasn't A Scrimmage!

The Canadian juniors took to the Brandt Centre ice Monday night for their second of two scrimmages against one another. With all apologies to the Regina Pats, it was a better game than most of what we have seen this winter. While it may have been advertised as a scrimmage, this wasn't one. It was good hockey. No, it was great hockey. Up and down the ice, great chances at each end, precision passes, great shots, outstanding saves. It had it all. The cost for this treat----$10.
The seats were mainly empty and that's too bad, because many missed out on a pretty good two hours of hockey. Oh yeah, the puck dropped just after 7 and ended at 9. Granted, there wasn't a break at the 10 minute mark for girls to come clean the ice and there were no promotions in the intermission, but still.
Perhaps the best thing of all for this traditionalist was the fact when you walk into the Brandt Centre and look at the ice, it is pristine. Logos do not cover seemingly every inch of the ice. Its a white sheet of ice and it looks outstanding. I understand the need to put logos on the ice, but I hate it. If having logos on the ice means the players don't have to wear jerseys like they have in Europe where ads adorn them then I'm O-K with it, but for at least a couple of weeks its nice to see a white sheet of ice.
The best players in last nite's game---a 6-4 win for Team White over Team Red were Brandon McMillan of Kelowna, St. Louis draft pick Alex Pietrangelo and Windsor forward Taylor Hall. Hall is in a battle with another Canadian junior hopeful, Tyler Seguin, to be the number one draft pick overall.
The Canadian unit will group as one tonight and play a team of U of R Cougars and U of S Huskies in what should be a thrill for the University players. It starts at 7. The price again is 10 dollars so its a great chance to see the Canadian squad in what should be an intense game do its thing. It would be nice to see a lot of people in the building.
Those watching Team Canada should know of one thing. Brandon Gormley is not related to former workmate and talk show host extraordinaire John Gormley. I could certainly understand people thinking the two might be related, but Brandon is a defenceman. If he was a right-winger, I could see you making the connection. Moving on................
The Pats play Game 3 of their nine game road trip in Red Deer tonight. That game is on Access. Saying you are staying away from the Brandt Centre so you can watch the Pats game is not a viable excuse tonight. Tape the game if you must.
Is it just me or are the Jays not getting enough back for Roy Halladay? As it stands right now, I see the Jays firmly occupying the A-L East basement and I wonder if they might lose 100 games next season. Who is the ace of the pitching staff going to be.......Ricky Romero?
The Arizona Cardinals come out and soil the linen on Monday night football as they turn the ball over 8 times in a loss to San Francisco. The inability of Larry Fitzgerald to get his game going also means fantasy football is done for me this season. Two fantasy teams both make the playoffs and then its one and done.
The rumour mill is starting in Toronto about what happens to the Argos now that Bart Andrus has gone. One suggestion is the Argos won't do a thing until the Eric Tillman court case is over and that Tillman could end up working with the Argos. I can see that scenario painting itself out. Maybe Tillman is what the floundering Argos need. Personally, I hope everything works out for Eric and he can continue doing what he has been since he arrived in Regina, but perhaps the anonymity of Toronto is what he needs. I still haven't given my thoughts on what can be done to make the Argos competitive and I am going to do that now that Andrus has been fired. What I have to say will make sense, but I just can't see it going down. I'll relay that theory soon.
Just one more day of this bone-chilling weather and then we are supposedly supposed to get a break. The Weather Network says it should be around minus 8 for Christmas Day. I'll take that!
Who's the best team in the NHL right now? Chicago, Pittsburgh, Colorado, San Jose? Where is Detroit? What has happened to Anaheim? What's this, the Leafs are two points out of a playoff spot in the East. How good has Toronto been after that terrible start. I don't want to know!
What I do know is I hope to see many of you at the rink tonight for the Canada game. Maybe we can all get together and do that Pepsi-Canada chant (A-O Canada GO). Yeah, lets just skip that idea.


ed said...

Of course it's the best hockey we have seen this winter. It's the best players in Canada going head to head.If the NHL All-Star game was a game not a fan friendly gimmick. That would be the best hockey on t.v.

And no I'm not going to the game tonight as I am staying home watching the Pats game. And staying warm. It's bad enough I have to drag my ass outside to go to work. I'm not going back out there after I get home.

Anonymous said...

A terrible trade for Toronto. Could they not get Hamels out of Philly or perhaps Hernandez out of Seattle. By the way, where are the Mariners getting all their money from? If Happ doesn't come Toronto's way in this deal then its a present-day disaster. Some prospects flourish, but many others just disappear. This new GM must be the same guy that orchestrated the Vince Carter trade to New Jersey. That really worked for the Raptors didn't it!


Anonymous said...

If you can actually sit there and tell me you would rather watch the Pats play Red Deer at home on TV then watch our juniors play for 10 bucks in what will be a far more entertaining hockey game, then you go for it big boy. This proves what hockey knowledge or lack of it you have. Using the weather as an excuse is no excuse whatsoever.


Anonymous said...

Well said Matt.
Hey Mitch, have the Leafs announced the parade route yet. I didn't believe you this morning when you said the Leafs were close to a playoff spot but they are. This means Toronto isn't quite as good as Montreal but close. They both suck!! LOVE IT!!

Paco said...

Leafs are better because of Kessel. One player doesn't make a team but it's given the Leafs two very fast lines. Their goaltending has been better lately as well.

Without Kessel 1-7-4
With Kessel 11-7-3

Chris Pollock

ed said...

I live,breath,sleep,eat hockey. I have more hockey knowledge than you can possibly begin to understand.
I'm sure watching Team Canada mop up the floor with a UofR/UofS team is going to be great hockey to watch.
While you are at the game Matt freezing your ass off. I will be at home watching the Pats game, and catching the highlights.

Plus I already have my tickets for the two Canada games here. As well as my ticket package for Saskatoon. I'm going to watch the real games.