Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thanks A Bunch

A huge thank you to whoever ordered this for us. Its not like there's enough stress in our lives in the days leading up to Christmas. Really, I couldn't thank you enough for making sure there is just a little more on our plate. I could go on, but I have to shovel the driveway.....AGAIN!!!!


Tyler said...

Did you want some cheese with that whine? Dude, you live in SASKATCHEWAN. It's DECEMBER. What exactly did you expect?

I fucking love the snow. LOVE IT.

Anonymous said...

Methinks Santa has shares in a snowblowing company.

Anonymous said...


I realize its December in Saskatchewan, but having 20 cm of snow fall 36 hours before Christmas when I have family supposedly coming in isn't cool!
Shovelling the driveway and the backyard is not the last things I wanted to do before Xmas.
I hope you understand.


PS: I love the snow too. I would love it more if it fell in January once the Christmas season was over.

Anonymous said...

Every year I hate Saskatchewan winters just a little more than the year before. It'd be nice if the Regina Pats offered a pleasant distraction, but apparently that's too much to hope for. Again.