Friday, December 11, 2009

Tiger, Tiger, Tiger

Tiger Woods has handled this situation that has now spread like a California wildfire in a very poor manner. I am left to wonder if he just would have come out the day his now famous or infamous car crash happened and said something instead of hiding if his career would be plummeting the way it is now.

With more and more women coming out of the woodwork to say they have been with Tiger, Woods has declared he is taking a hiatus from the PGA tour so he can focus on being a better husband, father and person. One would argue its too late for that to happen. Is this really the right move for Tiger? Should he not try and start living as normal a life as he possibly can or does he feel that staying out of the public eye will eventually just make this go away. Tiger's stance is very similar to that of Mark McGwire's. He is hoping time will make everything go away. It won't! The damage has been done. He must face the consequences. Coming face to face with his demons and letting the public judge him and then slowly welcome him back is the only way Tiger can go. Unless Tiger is never to be seen again, this story will never go away. It will just simmer on the backburner until he plays in another tournament whenever that may be. Questions need to be answered and until they are, the questions will keep being asked. As we are finding out, those questions are getting tougher and tougher to answer.
Some might argue doing this is best for the PGA as it will become a circus if Tiger doesn't bench himself. I understand that argument, but I also think the PGA could be the big loser in all of this as we have seen that the Tour suffers when Tiger isn't around.
The Tiger of old is gone. He will never be back. The question now is will we see a new Tiger and if so what type of individual will that one be both on and off the course. The sooner we find out, the better it may be.
Krista McCarville could be known as the Saskatchewan killer. The Thunder Bay rink beat both Stefanie Lawton and Amber Holland at the Roar of the Rings Friday before being eliminated by Shannon Kleibrink. Its tough for any rink, men or women, to play three games in one day and it showed in the McCarville-Kleibrink game as the Ontario foursome weren't as sharp as they had been in their first two games of the day. A tough break for the McCarville rink, but the rules are the rules.
The Pats nine game road trip does not start well as they get pasted in Medicine Hat. The team was hoping one last game with Jordan Eberle and Colten Teubert in the lineup could get the trip started on the right foot, but that won't be happening. Eberle and Teubert are coming back to Regina as the World Junior camp begins Saturday with the first scrimmages going Sunday. The eyes of the Canadian hockey world are now firmly focused on Saskatchewan. Here's hoping the next month goes well in both Regina and Saskatoon with everything ending with "The Saskatchewan Sixpack" being complete.
Its been almost two weeks since the Riders loss to Montreal in the Grey Cup. I'm still not over it. "In the Huddle" was on the other night and they were showing highlights of the game. It just left me feeling empty. Yeah, I'm optimistic about 2010, but as I go to places like Jersey City and River City Sports and see the Rider merchandise on the shelfs, I can't help but wonder why I don't have and will never have a 2009 GC champion T-shirt. I know other fans feel the way I do and if we are feeling like that, what are the players feeling like. It can't be easy for guys like Makowsky, Getzlaf, Foord, Hughes, etc. etc to go about their daily lives and be interrupted by people saying the same thing to them. The feeling will go away, but when?
Still with the Riders, former CTV Regina news anchor Tara Robinson was the MC for the Riders luncheon in Calgary during Grey Cup week. She had a helluva speech as well. Rob Vanstone has that speech in his Rider rumblings blog at
Take a read. Its very good, very funny and very, very true. Nice job Tara! Carla is doing a great job as your replacement, but its still not the same not having you deliver me my nightly dose of news.
Is the NHL really going to come to Saskatoon? It may be. It looks like the Ice Edge group is going to buy the Phoenix Coyotes from the league. That group wants to put some Coyotes games in Saskatoon. That may be easier said than done, but what if those Saskatoon games turn out to be a huge success. Could this be the start of Saskatoon perhaps getting an NHL franchise? Something that seemed so ludicrous at one time could actually be starting down the path to reality. It won't happen tomorrow, but if the Coyotes get their foot in the Saskatoon door, you never know what could take place. If the Coyotes do play some home games in Toontown, will they wear special green and white jerseys?


Anonymous said...

Thumbs up to Tara. Is there a video copy of that anywhere!

Mike from Vita, MB said...

The pain of the 2009 Grey Cup will haunt us until our dying day. It is sad, but we are a tough folk, and we will bounce back. As someone said "if the pain doesn't kill us, it will make us stronger. The boys will be back in 2010, and like the Als of 2009, the Riders have some unfinished business to take care of.

Tara's words were true about being a Rider fan outside of Saskatchewan. We're like teflon...nothing sticks!