Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Could Kent Be Moving Up The Ole Miss Ladder?

The Sporting News reports this morning that Ole Miss head coach Houston Nutt has been in contact with the athletic director at the University of Kansas to talk about their vacant head coaching position. If Nutt were to leave, would this mean and could this mean Kent Austin could be propelled into the head coaching position. If I'm not mistaken, his last head coaching gig was a successful one.
What makes the vacancy at Kansas interesting is that University of Buffalo coach and former Alouettes quarterback Turner Gill is also being talked about for the position. One of Gill's top assistants is another former Rider head coach---Danny Barrett.

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Anonymous said...

I love the NCAA hotstove. If Turner Gill leaves then Danny Barrett could move up. If Brian Kelly leaves Cincinnati Danny Barrett could wind up there.

This is the exact play Kent Austin wanted. Houston Nutt went to Ole Miss basically to get out of the fire that is part of coaching at Arkansas. There were no expectations as it's a sad sack SEC school. They had a couple upsets, and improved. Houston Nutt will parlay that into a bigger paycheck over in the Big 12. Kent Austin will probably step in from there.

X's and O's is not the be all end all in NCAA Football. It comes down to recruiting. This is where I believe Kent Austin would fall short being a successful Major College Coach.