Friday, December 31, 2010

Hypocrisy Is Alive In Tampa

Remember a couple of weeks ago when the Tampa Bay Lightning were incensed with Edmonton's Linus Omark for his spin-a-rama goal in the shootout. Guys like Marty St. Louis, Ryan Malone, Dan Ellis and Steve Stamkos were not impressed. Lets fast forward to last night and see what Stamkos did against the Habs.

For those that have forgotten Omark's move, here it is...

I have no problem with what Omark did and I don't have a problem with what Stamkos did either. However, it would appear as if the Lightning don't mind being hotdogs as long as they aren't on the receiving end.


Anonymous said...

For all the beaking that Tampa did after that Omark goal, I too find it ironic that Stamkos pulls that one off. I didn't see Montreal bitchin about it though.

Happy New Year Mitch. You were great doing the Cage. Yesterday's show was a blast. How much money did Lynch have to cough up for losing that bet?


Anonymous said...

I agree with you Aaron.

Ryan F said...

I had no problem with the Omark goal, but I don't see how this one is even comparable to it. Stamkos did the spin as a deke move. Omark did his spin at centre ice and it really served no other purpose than to look flashy.

On the other hand, it looked to me like Stamkos stopped his forward momentum during his spin, which means it shouldn't be a goal, but that's a different issue.