Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm Sure I'll Be Ready By Sunday

I was not openly chastised by Regina's biggest Falcons fan last nite, (Yes, I have discovered there's more than one!!) but he did express his disappointment in me for not being all rah-rah and gung ho for this week's win and get in game between the Seahawks and Rams.

I couldn't get fired up for last week's game between the Falcons and Seahawks because I knew Seattle would get crushed and even though they are in the playoffs if they win this weekend, I can't get excited because they will win the division at a putrid 7-9 and likely get destroyed the weekend after. Add this to the fact it seems as if Charlie Whitehurst could be QB'ing the Seahawks and there are plenty of reasons for dulled optimism. However, I am sure that when Sunday night hits, I will be ready to go cheering the Hawks onto victory and that the game face will be on. I know it will be come playoff time even though that game face may be one of pain, anguish and despair by the 2nd quarter. All you have to do is get into the dance--right! No one makes apologies for their records once they get into the playoffs.

The Leader-Post's Murray McCormick in a tweet last night wondered aloud if Faith Hill had to re-do her intro for Sunday night football saying "I've been waiting three days for Tuesday night" instead of "I've been waiting all week for Sunday night" as the Eagles and Vikings will play their snow-delayed game. It will also determine whether or not I am the champ in an fantasy league I am in. I go into tonight's game down 4 points. I have Adrian Peterson and Desean Jackson while my opponent has Percy Harvin. I like my chances. If I win, I will have won one of the three leagues I was in this year. In one, I can win it all, in the 2nd, I finished first after the regular season only to get smoked in the playoffs (thank you Ray Rice) and in the 3rd, I was near the bottom of the ladder. I love the article in today's L-P from former Rider o-lineman Mike Abou-Mechrek about fantasy football. Its a story that could be told by many I'm sure.

Canada plays the Czechs this afternoon at the World Juniors. That game will be on at the same time as I am doing the Sportscage on 620 CKRM. I will try and update you as best as I can on that game this afternoon. Yes, you have to endure the rest of this week with me before Rod returns next week. Derek "Duke" Meyers from Global will be in with me today. Kelly Remple will sit in with me tomorrow and then John Lynch will co-host Thursday. There will be no show Friday.

Speaking of Friday, the Weather Network now says the high will be -26. -26??!!! I'm thinkin any New Year's Eve plans will involve staying nice and warm and comfy inside Casa De Blair. Will that first sound of 2011 that you hear be the sound of a car trying to start----it very well might. SIGHHHHH!!!!!

No one won the Lotto Max jackpot on Christmas Eve meaning it stands at 68 million for the New Year's Eve draw. What a way that would be to end off 2011. Imagine!!!! Hell, I might have to go to Seattle for that Rams-Seahawks game Sunday if I won that $$$$$. I might even have to stay in Seattle for the whole week leading up to the playoff game.

Women are very greedy. They want all things from one man. Men are so simple. They want only one thing from all women.

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