Friday, April 6, 2012

More Than The Boxscore

Opening day for the Toronto Blue Jays was a dramatic affair as they played in the longest ever extra innings game in major league baseball history going 16 innings before beating Cleveland thanks to this from JP Arencibia...

It made a 1 for 7 day for the Toronto catcher a little more palatable, but in watching the game yesterday, Arencibia really showed some signs of maturity for a young man at a very tough position. Consider the following.

1)After falling behind 3-0 early, Arencibia helped settle Ricky Romero down while calling a great game for a bullpen--a bullpen that was the achilles heel of this team last year pitch 10 plus shutout innings.

2) He made a great tag at the plate to nail Shin Soo-Choo in the 3rd inning and later threw out Choo at 2nd on a laser.

3) Prevent Choo from going to the mound after he was buzzed in the 15th. Yeah Shin-Soo, Luis Perez is throwing at you in a tie game in the 15th. Wake up!!

With all the talk about this Blue Jays team dominated by Jose Bautista, Brett Lawrie and Ricky Romero, Arencibia needs to be brought into the equation as well. He may be that guy that flies under the radar by doing the little things that helps the team get W's.

Round 2 of the WHL playoffs begins tonight with the Eastern Conference matchups pitting the Tigers versus the Warriors and Brandon against Edmonton. I took Moose Jaw to win the East at the start of the year so I can't change the pick now. Luke Siemens needs to step it up, but in the end I see Moose Jaw winning in 6. I also see the Oil Kings winning in 6. Out West, its Kamloops vs Portland and Tri-Cities against Spokane. I can't help but think the Winterhawks and Americans are on a collission course.
The comments of Gregg Williams are disturbing, but one has to ask how many other defensive coaches speak like that. It was interesting hearing the take of former NFL'ers on ESPN Radio yesterday and how many of them said they have been in rooms where similar speeches have taken place and some of those players were on the offensive side of the ball.  I don't necessarily agree with it, but then again isn't the object of the linebacker or the defensive end to crush the ballcarrier or receiver when given the chance. I don't think defensive players go out with the mentality to injure someone on purpose. However in this day and age where concussions are a problem, I was uncomfortable to hear Williams tell his unit to give the one San Francisco receiver a couple of hard hits to see if he was over his concussion or give him another one. That is why retired NFL'ers are suing the league.
I believe at the start of the NHL season, I had the Sabres winning the Stanley Cup. DOHHHHHHH!!!!! They got hot too late.


Anonymous said...

Great win by the Jays yesterday.

Clansman2112 said...

That Home Run wasn't supposed to happen. It was revealed postgame that JP missed a Bunt sign to move the runners but it was a good mistake!!