Sunday, April 1, 2012

Reviewing Wrestlemania


I admit it. I am a wrestling geek. I have loved professional wrestling ever since the days of the Hart family, JR Foley, Bad News Allan, Dynamite Kid, Davey Boy Smith and Makhan Singh in Stampede Wrestling. That translated to the WWE and you know I'm highly entertained by the local product "High Impact Wrestling". The WWE held its signature pay per view Sunday night as the 28th edition of Wrestlemania was held. I've been able to catch all 28 WM's on the day of the event and this year was no different as the stars of the WWE did their thing from the home of the Miami Dolphins--Sun Life Stadium.

Here are some thoughts on the event

--Having Sheamus and Daniel Bryan compete in a match that was less than 30 seconds was wrong. This was a heavyweight championship battle. You have to give a fight like that substantially more time especially when you give Brodus Clay (aka: The Funkasaurus) five minutes to do his ridiculous thing. The Funkasaurus is horrible and I wish his character would go the way of the brontosaurus. Seeing him dance with his "momma" and her bridge club for 5 minutes was painful. Nauseating and painful. Unless Bryan is about to be suspended for 30 days for a substance abuse violation, there is no reason to have had this match go less than a minute.

--Did anyone think Cody Rhodes would beat "The Big Show". The way Rhodes portrayed the over 7  foot tall Big Show as nothing but someone to bring the laughts at Wrestlemania, you knew Show would win.

--I don't know exactly what Beth Phoenix had on her head, but somewhere Princess Kate Middleton was         envious.

     --Kelly Kelly is one of the hottest women on the planet! She helped sell TV show host Maria Menounos to a win over Phoenix in a tag-team match. There was nothing to complain about in Menounos' ring attire either. In fact, hats off to her for taking some bumps when she allegedly has two broken ribs. I thought she might get 15-20 seconds of ring time. She got a lot more than that and she took some abuse too.

   --Who decided on the WM lineup and why did the Undertaker-Triple H match go so early. I would have had it as the 2nd to last match on the card. That match was supposed to be a legendary one and one that would have people talking for a long time when it was over. They succeeded as the Undertaker is now 20-0 at Wrestlemanias. Is he done now? I doubt it.

  --I thought Team Johnny vs Team Teddy would be lame. I was right.

  --The WWE has killed the Zack Ryder character and Eve Torres assured us of that with her kick between the uprights. What's the deal with that storyline anyhow. DUMB!

 --There was no emotion in the Punk-Jericho match until the final 5 minutes. This match should have gone where the Triple H-Taker match went in the card.

--The Miami crowd loved "The Rock" and hated John Cena. The main event could have been better, but give credit Cena for putting the former WWE star over for 40 minutes. You could tell he wasn't used to the regimen of being a WWE athlete as he was sucking air. Cena also laid down for him as the Rock got the three count. In one way it surprised me because a former star who will be leaving again soon beat a current superstar while in another way it didn't because if the Rock was coming back, you would think he had it written somewhere that he wins. What will the WWE do with Cena now? We will find out tomorrow night on RAW, but I'm thinking he may turn into a heel.

---That was quite the outfit that the singer from MGK had on. I was thinking wardrobe malfunction and why couldn't Kelly Kelly have something like that?

--I hope all Canadians that watched and that love wrestling had a toast for "Iron" Mike Sharpe. If you are old enough to remember wrestling in the late 80's and 90's, you will remember Canada's greatest athlete doing his thing on "Maple Leaf Wrestling". He was the best of the shock absorbers.

--Speaking of shock absorbers, I hope those at High Impact Wrestling look at the Sheamus/Bryan match and decide to put Rex Roberts in the ring for 16 seconds or less. That's a win-win for everybody.

--Rumours throughout the day had former WWE and UFC star Brock Lesnar making an appearance. Was that true? He was apparently in Miami and I had heard he was trying to negotiate a deal with WWE officials, but that deal apparently didn't happen. Will he show up at Monday Night Raw?

All in all, it wasn't the worst WM I've seen, but it wasn't the best either. Next year's event is April 7, 2013 in New York City. Yes, I have it marked down on my calendar because I won't miss it. I am sad that way. I admit it.


Anonymous said...

Triple H/Taker was great. It might have been better than the ones against Shawn and the one he had last year against HHH.

I wonder if Bryan is about to be suspended for 30 days too. That just looked bad.


Anonymous said...

I knew Rock wouldn't lay down for Cena. Did Lesnar show up?

Anonymous said...

Why was Taker/HHH so early? That really surprised me.

Anonymous said...

Stampede Wrestling in the 80's was wayyyyyyyy better than WWE of today. Stomper, Harts, Dynamite, Davey, Pillman, Foley, etc. etc. etc. Those were the good old days and sadly we won't see them again.


Anonymous said...

I must admit Mitch, that your reaction to the Funkosaurus when his music hit was priceless.

There were only three good matches this year: CM Punk vs. Jericho; Rock vs. Cena; and Undertaker vs. HHH. The remainder of the card could be fast-forwarded through. I am getting sick of the amount of advertising WWE is putting in their PPV instead of featuring live wrestling (i.e Bryan vs Sheamus) - this has got to change. Most embarassing moment Maria getting Eve's makeup smeared on her white pants and the fans chanting "You got Skidmarks!".

Until next time Mitch (thanks for the donation).

Iron Mike

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Mitch. The Funkasaurus is a horrible gig. The guy comes out and dances for two minutes, wrestles for 40 seconds and then dances some more. GET LOST!!!


Anonymous said...

It doesn't say much for WWE when one of their top stars doesn't "beat" a former wrestler turned actor. I thought Cena would win hands down. Should make for an interesting RAW tonight.

Anonymous said...

Eve Torrez is one hot tamale!!!

Anonymous said...

I thought Lesnar would make a run-in last nite and destroy Cena. I was off by 24 hours. THAT WAS GREAT!