Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Edmonton Journal Columnist Agrees With Me

In Monday's weekend thoughts, I congratulated the Shawnigan Cataractes for winning the Memorial Cup, but I added that it doesn't seem fair that the host team win the tournament especially when they weren't even a league finalist. Cam Tait from the Edmonton Journal is also of the ilk that something needs to be done to change the format of the Memorial Cup and the RBC Cup to prevent host teams from being Canadian champs when perhaps they don't deserve to be. Here is Cam's take


Anonymous said...
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Rally Driver said...

If there is no host team, there will be no crowd to watch the preliminary games. In many of the venues the rink is virtually empty if the host team is not playing, even at the world juniors if they are not played in North America. If you wait until the league finalists are decided, and go to one of their rinks,you don't have time to sell the advertising or plan for the TV arrangements, the volunteer base, the hotel accommodations. The rink could be hosting a trade show. Logistically you need a host team. The system is not perfect but it is probably as good as it will get, for the odd time a host team wins.

Mike Stackhouse said...

I suppose it would be nice if a certain level of standard could be maintained by the host team throughout the regular season.

That year the Pats hosted the Mem Cup, they tinkered all year and never did find the right mix but I can't fault them for trying their darndest.

From an RBC Cup perspective, rinks would be void of people if the host team didn't play. Humboldt was well deserving this year. In 2005, Weyburn didn't have a great year and even lost in the first round of the SJHL playoffs before somehow winning it all. That was a fluke, no doubt. But the reason why it was a fluke is because it seldom happens. No system is perfect.

Anonymous said...

it's all about money mitch. If the Broncos (who did qualify for the RBC cup i believe and didn't go in as host) weren't allowed to be there, no one would go.

University Cup is the same. Can you imagine if it's just Alberta vs. UQTR? no one would go.

It's a huge catch-22. But only a few hosts ever win.

Anonymous said...

Is Tate suggesting that the WHL split off into two leagues? I would be highly against that even though we in the East don't see all the teams and vice-versa. There is no doubt the system is flawed, but the above posters are correct when it comes down to money and fan interest. Would people in Shawnigan have showed up if their own teams wasn't in it? Would people in Brandon have gone two years ago if the Wheat Kings weren't in it? We all know the answer to that. Perhaps an expanded tournament would be better but that opens up another can of worms.


Anonymous said...

I don't like the host team winning, but the format isn't changing anytime soon. Move on.

Anonymous said...

Lets say it was hosted in Regina and the Pats got in and won. Would the cry be the same? They played against the best in Canada and won. Move on.