Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hoppy Spills The Beans/This And That


Rider president, CEO (and damn good guy) Jim Hopson announced at the U of S Dogs breakfast this morning that Ben Heenan will be the number one selection at the CFL draft this afternoon. There ya go. Edmonton you are on the clock.

Now to "This and That'

--Thank you to the Rangers and Capitals for giving us our first Stanley Cup marathon that really still ended at a decent time. I was able to see the goal and then still see Kelsey Morrison give the forecast on Global News during the 10 o'clock cast so all was good. Of course its a good job that this game wasn't on the West Coast otherwise it would be about 1 or 130 before it ended. I have no problems with lengthy overtimes in the Stanley Cup playoffs and I scoff at those that believe the game should go to a shootout if its not over after one OT. Those thoughts to me are utterly ridiculous. Yes, it becomes a survival of the fittest, but isn't that what you want.

--Dear CBC, we got the idea that Braden Holtby's parents were in the stands last night. We did not need to see them however many times you showed them. Please do not repeat this in Game 4. Talk about overkill

--Dear A & W. Please get a new advertising agency and stop the lame, lame and can I say it again lame ads that you keep trotting out there. Thank you! I just keep wanting the Root Bear to crash through the set and beat those singing idiots to within an inch of their life.

--Dear Boston Pizza. Once the "Terry Peters--All Meat Wings" ad has come to an end. Do not give us a sequel.

--Great news from Don Narcisse this morning. You may remember a while ago Narco went to the Conexus Arts Center to help out Rob Vanstone and his Leader Post Raise-a-Reader collectible show. He lost his Hall of Fame ring and his Plaza of Honor ring and the word went out to help him find them. Narcisse on Facebook this morning told the world he has found the rings.

--I don't know if you heard Regina mayor Pat Fiacco on "Sportscage" yesterday, but he delivered one of his most passionate speeches in favour of the new entertainment complex and the inner city housing that will go with it. Rod has the transcript of what was said on his blog (like you don't already know that) so I won't bother putting it on here. Fiacco answered what Rod and I asked him and then some. There are still some questions I have and at some point I'm sure Fiacco will answer them either in a public forum or in a one-on-one conversation. I am disappointed that this project seems to be stuck in the mud and that we are seemingly no further along than we were when the initiative was first announced. I want to see dignitaries with shovels in hand breaking ground somewhere and I want to see that soon. I also just keep wondering why there are so many opposed to this when they can't see the overall good this will do for the city. This isn't a Riders thing, its a city thing and a provincial thing. People in Moose Jaw cried about Mosaic Place for how long and look at the impact it has had in Moose Jaw in its first year. That will happen here. That's a guarantee.

--Youtube has banned this video featuring Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover girl Kate Upton. Why? Oh yes, thank you Kate Upton on behalf of men everywhere....

--The news of Junior Seau's death shocks me. I don't think I've ever seen a better, more intense linebacker than Seau with the exception of Mike Singletary. Yes, Ray Lewis is also in that discussion. His death of course only has some wondering whether or not it is concussion related. Seau never missed any games or was on an injury list with a concussion, but you can't tell me that he never got his head rattled around. I still for the life of me will never understand what drives a person to want to take his own life. That is just so sad.

--I know the WHL bantam draft is big for the teams, but I have a hard time getting excited for it when the players don't become members of the team for a couple of years. Its not like the CFL draft or the NFL, NHL or NBA draft when the guy is on the team right away and is making an impact. That being said, I will watch to see who the future of the Pats, Warriors and other teams are.

--Speaking of the U of S, the Riders new jerseys remind me of the Husky unis.

--It was full out geekdom in Regina this week when word came out that an Apple store was coming to the Cornwall Centre. If an Apple Store did come here, I can only imagine the scene outside the store before it opened for the first time.

--I had to pick up my daughter from school last week. I got there a couple of minutes early and then proceeded to see at least seven cars go ripping down the street ignorant of the fact they were going through a school zone at way more than 40. I know Regina police can't be at every school zone cracking down on this, but I would much rather see them doing that --especially when kids are going and getting out--instead of having speed traps set up on the Ring Road like they did a couple of weekends ago,

--The city puts out signs telling people to keep their cars off the street so they can do street cleaning. There is plenty of advance notice, but some people just refuse to do so. That bothers me as well---especially when the driveway is empty and the car is on the street. Is it that tough to move your car. Apparently, the answer is yes.

--Considering the state of the Blue Jays bullpen, I will say Albert Pujols hits his first homer of the year against Toronto this weekend.

--Have a great one!


Anonymous said...

What a thrill that must have been for Heenan this morning. Glad to have him onboard.


Anonymous said...

I don't see anything wrong with that Kate Upton video, but I do have to admit that I am now having trouble focussing. WOW!!!!

Keith said...

We have been lucky indeed to have someone like Pat as our mayor for these many years and hopefully he can get the big project started before he rides off into the sunset.

Consider how bad things could be if we had a mayor like Rob Ford and his never ending displays of buffoonery. What an embarrassment to Toronto.

Anonymous said...

There was no doubt in my mind that the Riders wouldn't take Heenan. If he has a career like guys like Makowsky and Flory, we have just cemented our o-line for years,

The Rider jerseys do look like the Husky jerseys.

The school zone thing pisses me off too. I just about saw a kid get mowed down by an old man about a month ago,


Anonymous said...

YES!!!! It would have been a huge mistake to let Heenan go to Edmonton.


Anonymous said...

Great news for Narco.