Monday, June 25, 2012

Riders Practice Roster

Import OL Johan Asiata
Non-Import WR Ismael Bamba
Non-Import OL Dan Clark
Non-Import WR Clay Cooke
Non-Import DL Zach Evans
Import DB Macho Harris
Import WR Jock Sanders
Import WR Taj Smith
Import DL David Veikune


Anonymous said...

Ummmmmm, there are 9 guys on this list. Shouldn't there be 7. Will we ever get this counting problem under control?

Anonymous said...

Why are there nine guys on the PR. I thought it was a 7 man roster. Do Evans and Cooke count seeing they are junior-eligible? Can Evans be taken by someone else?


Anonymous said...

Evans and Cooke don't count. In a way its smart for the Riders to do this with Evans as once his name is on a gameday roster, his eligibility is exhausted. This way, he continues to learn and get better with a chance of going back to the Thunder if he has to.