Thursday, June 21, 2012

Warriors Lock Up Alan Millar

Moose Jaw Warriors President Chad Taylor announced today that the WHL franchise has officially named Alan Millar the hockey club's General Manager and signed Millar to a multi-year contract extension. Millar just completed his second season as the Warriors Director of Hockey Operations.

"On behalf of the Warriors Board of Directors we are very pleased with Alan's direction of the hockey club and his commitment to the Warriors and the city of Moose Jaw" stated Taylor. "We are very fortunate to have such an experienced hockey executive leading our franchise" concluded Taylor.

The Warriors further announced that the hockey club has signed Director of Business Operations Corey Nyhagen to a new multi-year agreement.

"We look forward to Corey's continued leadership of our business team" stated Millar. “Corey led our hockey club to the WHL's Business and Marketing award this year and was instrumental in the team's move into Mosaic Place last year. We are very pleased with Corey and his family’s ongoing commitment to the City of Moose Jaw and the Warriors organization” concluded Millar.

Nyhagen, is entering his fourth year with the Warriors in his current position and fifth year overall. He was the hockey club's Director of Sales and Marketing in 2008-09 before assuming the role of Director of Business Operations.


Anonymous said...

The statement says they were pleased with the direction the hockey club took under Millar. Yeah, because Hunchak set him on a course where he couldn't fail or else.

Anonymous said...

Who Cares!!!

Bill from P.A.

Anonymous said...

Millar did a nice job. Hunchy did a nice job in Kamloops. Everyone wins. Get over it.