Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekend Thoughts

18 years ago, OJ Simpson dominated the headlines as his infamous White Bronco chase took place. 18 years later, another Simpson takes the bulk of the headlines as Webb Simpson wins what was a fascinating final round of the US Open.

Where was this guy this weekend? He was busy hacking and whacking his way around the Olympic course as were many others. I've said it once and I'll say it again. Tiger will never be the same. He is still a great golfer, but he can be had now and that couldn't be said years ago. He is still missing something---that killer instinct and that feeling of domination. The field would have cringed and bowed under Tiger a few years ago when he held the lead after 36 holes and Tiger wouldn't have let them off the hook. He did this weekend though as he blew up big-time. You can never take him out of the mix, but he just isn't the same guy that he was and I can't see him ever regaining that form.

That final round was compelling and great theatre. From Tiger's start to the 17 year old Beau Hossler trying to stay in it to Ernie Els looking like he would make a run to Jim Furyk losing it at the end while Simpson just did what he had to do to win and make history. It was a tremendous afternoon and early evening of golf.

Why isn't the Olympic course on Tiger Woods 12 or 13? I would love to pull out the PS3 and play that course.

Hope all the Dads had a great Fathers Day. I was supposed to watch my eight year old daughter play her final ball games, but the weather didn't co-operate as both games were rained out. That didn't stop her from giving me her gift that she made at school---a Daddy's trail mix consisting of popcorn, cheezies, raisins, marshmallows and smarties along with one jelly heart. Yum, Yum!! Dads, you know where I'm coming from and Moms, you do too.

Like many of you, I was surprised to see Chris Graham get cut by the Riders. I thought he looked alright, but the coaching staff obviously didn't see that. Does this mean that Shomari Williams will be the man in the middle?

If the injuries continue to the Blue Jays starting rotation, they may have to try and lure Dave Stieb out of retirement or Pat Hentgen. I've never seen a team lose three starters in one week.

Who is Regina's most famous pro athlete. Is it Jordan Eberle or Jon Ryan? I gotta go with Ebs. Thankfully for me, both play on my favourite NHL and NFL team and it was that way before those two showed up.

Germany has made it through at Euro 2012 as they were expected to do. The Germans will play Greece next Friday. I am hoping there were no sightings of a naked George Yannitsos celebrating in the parking lot of the Four Seasons after the Greeks made it through on Saturday. No one needs to see that. No one!

I'm hoping Oklahoma City wins the NBA final, but I just can't watch it. I know the playoffs have been great and that the final (not finals!!) has Lebron against Durant, but I can't get excited about it. Sorry NBA fans!

I still don't think the Oilers will make the first selection at next Friday's draft unless that pick is Ryan Murray. I see someone making a deal with Edmonton at the last second and it might be Columbus who could turn around and get some assets for Rick Nash and deal some of those to Edmonton. The Oilers don't need another forward like Hall, RNH and Eberle, they need d-men. One scenario discussed is that they take Yakupov and then trade Gagner or Hemsky to a team to get a mid to late round first pick so they can get one of the many good young defencemen out there. It will be an interesting week.

Has the Stanley Cup found its way to the Playboy Mansion yet? I don't know if it has, but I do know that another Gretzky has been partying with the Cup as Paulina has had photos taken of her and the mug that her dad drank out of. Wayne must shudder when he thinks of what could be happening because he knows what hockey players are like.

I still think Roberto Luongo ends up in Toronto, but what do the Leafs give back. Would James Reimer be a part of the deal?

Whatever happened to Maggie the Monkey?

John Lauranaitis is expected to be "fired" tonight by Vince MacMahon on RAW. That should be entertaining if you're a WWE fan.

Why is Tim Tebow delivering a Fathers Day speech?

That's all. Have a good week!


Anonymous said...

Tiger shows flashes of his old self, but he can't regain the total package. His short game really let him down this weekend.

I think the Oilers are going to take Murray with the number one pick and that Toronto will trade with Columbus and somehow get Nash and Yakupov.

Anonymous said...

Maggie's got to be dead by now. Ask Duthie!


Anonymous said...

Eberle hands down is the best athlete Regina has right now. Its not even close!

Anonymous said...

If Shomari Williams is our MLB, we are going to have serious problems. I'm not feeling very confident.

Anonymous said...