Monday, December 23, 2013

Something To "Mitch" About

Are you ready for the arrival of the big man? Is the shopping done? The next couple of days can slide by stress-free for this blogger as everything is wrapped and under the tree. Some deliveries have to be made, but with the exception of one quick stop at the LB, it is over.

Everywhere I go, people are asking what type of dirt I am hearing on the Riders and what if anything is going on as far as free agent signings or guys headed to the US. The answer is ZIP!  The Riders have closed offices for the holidays so don't expect any news coming out of there over the next few days. As for Weston Dressler and NFL tryouts, I am starting to wonder how much interest there is seeing other CFL'ers have been working out while he hasn't. I am sure he will get a chance to show his stuff for some team, but if these other guys have been working out, you have to start asking the question. As I've said, I think Weston can  play in the NFL and if he gets the right opportunity, he will not be here for the start of next season. The same goes for Kory Sheets. Time will tell.

I will give credit where credit is due and Tony Romo deserves some. The Dallas quarterback, who I still say and will always say is over-rated, came through in the clutch when his team needed him the most. I'm sure many, including myself, were waiting for that one last throw to be intercepted meaning his team's playoff chances were done, but he made the big plays when he had to and as a result, the Cowboys will play for the division title and a playoff spot at home next week. We have all seen how Romo plays in season-ending games that matters so the chances are still there he implodes again, but when the Cowboys needed him yesterday he was there.

I'm still trying to figure out just what the hell I watched from Seattle yesterday. The Seahawks were beaten in their two previous losses by teams that made the plays in the 4th quarter, but while the defense was there all day yesterday against Arizona, the offense played arguably its worst game of the year as they were beaten by the Cardinals. Did you know the Cardinals are 7-1 in their last 8 and have the 2nd best record in the NFL over the last 8 weeks behind only Carolina. The Cardinals? If this win can help them to a win at home over San Fran next week and knock the Niners out of the  playoffs I am all for it.

There are teams with dead man walking coaches going into next week. Who will be the first to go----will it be Rex Ryan, Jim Schwartz or Leslie Frazier or will it be someone else. My money is on Schwartz seeing his Lions could not take advantage of a glorious opportunity to win their division with both Aaron Rodgers and Jay Cutler missing time due to injury. Once Rodgers went down, it should have been a shoo-in for Detroit. NOPE!

Pats coach Malcolm Cameron told us last week on Sportscage he would like to see the team get a big defenceman at the trade deadline, but he acknowledged that will be tough to do. The Pats would seemingly like to add another one or two pieces to take a good run at a division title, but what would the cost be? GM Chad Lang would be declared certified bonkers if he ever traded highly touted forward Sam Steel away and that certainly won't happen, but I'm guessing the player the Pats would want would come at a high price. I don't even know who the marquee player would be amongst teams right now. It would have been Morgan Rielly, but he isn't coming back from Toronto.

Did Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos learn his lesson after last year? He has been awfully quiet in the off-season instead of stealing the show like he did last year with trades that amounted to nothing.

I'm still trying to figure out why or how Graham DeLaet was not a finalist for Canadian male athlete of the year. Who made these selections and why wasn't the Weyburn native on it?

Who would Regina's athlete of the year be? Would it be Chris Getzlaf? How about Mark McMorris? That's a tough call.

The Apple Ad with the kid who makes the holiday movie makes me barf. Call me insensitive if you like.

The Toronto Sun's Steve Simmons believes Hayley Wickenheiser should carry the Canadian flag into the opening ceremonies at the Sochi Olympics. I second that!

At a time when the CFL is seeing a youth movement at the quarterback position with guys like Demarco, Mitchell, Reilly, Collaros and Marsh to name a few, I find it interesting we have defensive minded head coaches like Corey Chamblin, Chris Jones, Rick Campbell and Mike O'Shea in charge of teams. Are we starting to see a changing of the guard there as well?

Unless you are a fan of the Washington State Cougars, you had to love the New Mexico Bowl. What a game! That was one of the best football games I have seen this year.

I need to take a roadie for a Jets game this winter. I also need to start wondering how much longer I can keep stomaching the play of the Edmonton Oilers. Just when I thought they couldn't get any worse, they went out and proved they can against St. Louis. I said to Mrs. Scruffy on Saturday if this keeps up, I may have to go look for another team. Her response was "If you can keep cheering for the Cubs, you can keep cheering for the Oilers." She's right!

Is it just me or is the New Year's Eve party somewhere dying. Are there any big events happening in Regina on December 31. It seems more and more people are content with going to a house party and celebrating the end of the year then by going to a bar or restaurant and paying an inordinate amount of money. Perhaps I am just getting old. It does seem though as if the lustre has been taken off NYE celebrations in the Queen City.

Warmer weather between Christmas and New Years would be appreciated. The forecast says that will happen. Here's hoping!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!


Anonymous said...

Weston's size and age is preventing him from getting a shot. Too bad for him, but great for the Riders. Sign him long-term and lets go.

Anonymous said...

I will third Hayley's nomination for flag-bearer.


Anonymous said...

The cost of New Year's Eve at some bar and restaurant has gotten out of control. House parties for me!