Sunday, August 3, 2014

Something To "Mitch" About

After watching the Riders completely demoralize the REDBLACKS Saturday night, I just had to ask one thing. That was "Who the hell was that with the "S" on their helmets in Toronto and at home against B.C. Through 5 games, this team has either been very good or very bad and really they weren't all that bad against the Lions. Once again, it was over early Saturday thanks to the defense who has come back from the bye week with an attitude. Just some thoughts on what transpired on the TD Place turf.

  --Tearrius George!!! His play this year hasn't been noticed because of what John Chick is doing, but the guy is playing his best football in a Rider uniform. You could see that thunderous hit coming on the Ottawa player on the Tristan Jackson punt return and it was a thing of beauty. I texted Luc Mullinder saying that must be a d-lineman's dream.

  --Chris Getzlaf showed us how much the Rider offence has missed him. There just seemed to be a different confidence with 89 back on the field.

 --I never have a problem seeing Rob Bagg have a good game. Like many of you, (and I'm sure Rob will hate this), I cringe whenever he catches a ball and just want him to get up and run back to the huddle after his previous knee injuries. Bagg may never suffer another knee problem during his career, but I and I think of lot of you still want the guy to compete the way he always has and not get hurt.

--If Tristan Jackson isn't either defensive or special teams player of the week, something is wrong. Barring injury, I think Marshay Green's time returning kicks on this team are over,

--Should I be worried about Brendon Labatte's injury? It didn't seem that bad as TSN showed him working on the sidelines, but he didn't get back in. He didn't need to the way the game was progressing, but with a  short week, I have to wonder if he will suit up in Winnipeg.

--This is being real nitpicky and chintzy and its not a knock on Coach Chamblin whatsoever, however, it would seem to me as if Anthony Allen is a better runner/pass receiver than Will Ford. I'm a guy who likes that guy who can catch out of the backfield. I'd give Allen another shot.

--I think everyone knows what I think of the work of the stripes in the CFL and that was evident again Saturday---especially early. What I don't understand is why does Darian take so many late shots that aren't penalized. There were at least two and maybe three where Ottawa defenders should have been flagged for roughing the QB under the way the rule is interpreted. If that were Hank or Mike Reilly or Ricky Ray, I'm sure a flag would have been thrown. Do I need to just stop bitching about these mistakes and take it for what it is or should I continue to be frustrated as a fan?

--Is Henry starting to slow down or is it the surrounding cast around him. He didn't look good at all.

--Was I the only one thinking disaster will come of this when the Ottawa guys were trying to get that chainsaw going after their TD. Perhaps Worksafe Bob needs to check out these guys!


--While being critical of the refs, two thumbs up though to the ref that got kicked in the face accidentally by Kyries Hebert Friday night and came back after getting bandaged up. Yes, that left a mark and yes. that's Canadian tough. Take that Ed Hochuli!!

--Do you think the producers at TSN cringe every time Matt Dunigan does colour. I don't think anyone knows what is going to come from the mouth of the former CFL quarterback and I don't know if Matt does either. Someone also needs to tell me my Gord Miller and Matt kept calling Martell Mallett---Martell on Friday night. They don't call Jon Cornish Jon and they don't call Darian Durant Darian so why did they keep saying Martell. Was no one around to correct them? It didn't sound good.

--The NFL Hall of Fame ceremony was magical on Saturday night. Michael Strahan brought the house down with his induction speech while Bills receiver Andre Reed was also very passionate in his speech. Canton, Ohio and a trip to the HOF is a must. Its on the bucketlist. I just don't know how long I would be in there.

--I think the frustration has started in Jays-land. Losing three of four to one of the worst teams in baseball is not a good way to start the final two months of the season. These three games coming up against Baltimore are beyond huge! By the way, I love the debate on whether or not Toronto should have made a trade or two at the deadline. A lot of you feel like I do and lot of you don't. I just think the time to win is now and the time to add players and payroll if necessary was now and not to shy away as the team has done. I just don't think they have the horses to make the playoffs, but they would have had they added an arm or two. Time will tell and that time starts Tuesday.

Another year of the QCX has come to an end and while my wallet isn't feeling the sting of a day at the exhibition, my feet are! The oldest Scruffette and I went to go see "Down With Webster" and she was thrilled to meet the band. Me....MEHHH!!! Although I will admit, they were pretty good.  I would have rather met Bret Michaels Friday night, but she had the opportunity and that is what counts. As for me, I was in good company.....

Before the show, I had about 90 minutes to just sit and people watch. It is an interesting dichotomy of people that walk the Evraz Place facility and I mean interesting. I don't really think I have to explain.

As mentioned, I would have loved to have seen Bret Michaels Friday night, but no one did because of that storm that rolled through. I am thinking my good friend Kelly Remple must have been near suicidal. The opening band Bleeker Ridge ended up coming to the WOLF 104.9 trailer and did a song in front of everyone unplugged. Word is it was awesome and one of the highlights of the entire fair. Those guys are good!

A belated thanks to the guys at the Regina Motor Products collision centre. They took the Scruffmobile in for repairs while I was in the states after some douchebag sideswiped it in the Northgate Mall parking lot in June. It looks brand new so thanks kindly.

There's a suggestion out there to name the August long holiday after Terry Fox. Sign me up on that one. I can't think of a better Canadian to honor than that of Fox.

Tweet of the week and perhaps a candidate for Tweet of the  year goes to country singer Brad Paisley.

Uh oh, saw some breast feeding tonight in the crowd at Sacramento. Thankfully, no infants were involved.

PK Subban got how much???? Man, if he is hauling in that type of coin, I can't wait to see what Drew Doughty ends up with, That deal is beyond ridiculous if you ask me. I''m not a Subban fan though.

Classy of the Ducks to retire Teemu Selanne's jersey before a game against the Jets. I can only wonder if Jets might decide to retire his number as well at some point. Why not?

Peyton Manning can throw a football and can involve himself in some entertaining commercials, but he can't dance as was evidenced this week when he was shuckin and jiving to Rocky Top  at camp this week. That would have made Simon Cowell run for the exit.

That's all I got. Have a great holiday Monday.


Anonymous said...

Mitchell.... Sorry to go here but you consistently use the wrong form of its when saying things like "its on the bucketlist." Should be it's. Good article as always, sorry for nitpicking.

Anonymous said...

Tearrius George--hit of the year!

Hank doesn't look right. His time is just about up

If those two girls have older sisters, please let me know but don't let the wife know.


Anonymous said...

I'm a Habs fan and I can't support the Subban signing.

Anonymous said...

PK Subban is the most over rated player in the NHL. I loved the way Mike Babcock used him in the Olympics. He didn't use him!

Anonymous said...

What's the deal with Dressler Mitch? I see Suitor on Twitter saying he isn't going to make it, but you and others have articles up saying he's impressing everyone down there. I agree with you Getzlaf made our offence click Saturday night and Dressler could put us over the top, but the messages coming out of KC are mixed. What's your thought on this?


Mitchell Blair said...

He hasn't hurt himself in camp Garry so lets see what he does in game action and where they pencil him in. I still think he's with KC when the season starts.

Anonymous said...

Martell Mallet had a great game in his Calgary debut, but of note was his fumble. Would Huff follow the Sask Method and bench him next game and bring out Hugh Charles? Don't think so.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you should lay off crabbing about the lack of roughing the passer Darian Durrant draws. I think there should be more of it until the league office realizes that there is a disparity in the way the zebra's view Ricky Ray and DD. However, you've included Mike Reilly in with Ray and I feel he gets as ignored as Darian does. There definitely is two standards though and it won't change if we all just accept it.

Anonymous said...

Subban will be Montreal's version of Dion Phaneuf. Wait and see.

Anonymous said...

It was good to see Getz back in there. The offense had a little more zip to it.

Anonymous said...

Jets should absolutely retire jersey # 8 In honor of Teemu Salanne's on and off Ice team/career accomplishments.

Corm said...

Sadly, I think the Jets would be unable to retire Teemu's number. Their history and the history of Teemu's accomplishments belong to the Coyotes. The Jets version 2.0 have inherited the Thrasher history. one of the dumbest things about a team leaving is they take all their history and move it with them.

Anonymous said...

Well then, the majority of his NHL accomplishments lie with the Ducks of Anaheim. Winnipeg can erase his years there while the NHL record books cannot.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, the dumbest thing about a NHL team leaving for another city is they take along the history baggage.