Friday, August 29, 2014

This And That

--The usual weekly assortment of thoughts running through my brain in no particular order

   --I will tell you the truth. This picture does sadden me somewhat because as much as a fan as I am of Weston Dressler, I was looking forward to watching him on Sundays and doing his thing with the Kansas City Chiefs. However that didn't happen which just tells you how hard it is to crack an NFL roster and it shows me again that players going down south--at least most of them---don't get the shot I think they are deserved. Weston certainly showed he can play the NFL game at mini-camps and training camp so why didn't Andy Reid give him a chance to show his stuff in the first pre-season game. I think Reid doesn't even realize how good of a player he let get away. From the time he left until the announcement by Sportscage Insider Arash Madani on Thursday morning, I wasn't in a panic. I KNEW Weston was coming back and I knew he would come back if it didn't work out the day he left. When Weston talked about wearing #13 in KC as a tribute to the Rider Nation. He meant that! He was sincere with that. Yes, he might like a little more privacy (as would many players I'm guessing), but he knew where he wanted to be if it didn't work out and I had full confidence there would be money in the bank account for him. Yeah, its only a one year deal, but I think Rider fans can rest easy knowing #7 will be here for the rest of his pro football career. Welcome home Weston!!

     --Upon finding out Weston had signed, I wanted to find Rod Pedersen's call of Weston's touchdown in the 4th quarter of GC 101. It could have been the last pass he caught as a Rider. Seeing the play just gave me goosebumps. Those are memories you just don't forget.

    --If Tad Kornegay is retiring as a Rider (which I have no problem with), its time for Lance Frazier to do the same thing.
   --What's your favourite LDC memory? Its gotta be Kerry Joseph's TD run for the win late in the 07 game. I think that play was the one that had people this team could win it all this year. They did!

    --The Hamilton Tiger Cats and the Tim Hortons Field situation has just become an embarrassment.  You would think Hamilton would have learned from the Winnipeg situation but they didn't. I am confident the Riders will do it the right way when it comes time to make the move from Mosaic 1 to Mosaic 2.

   --Until a couple of weeks ago, I thought the ice bucket challenge was the adventure you took at the hotel in first A) finding the bucket in your room and B) finding the ice machine!  

   --School starts next Tuesday! How do ya feel about that Mom and Dad!

 --My 11 year old recently took part in the Cougar womens basketball day camp. This could have easily resulted in the resignation of head coach Dave Taylor as I'm sure my daughter tried to set the sport back years, but it didn't which must mean something. Hopefully it trends well when she gets on the court to play and play she will unlike what was basically a wasted year of softball since RCBA knows what they are doing when it comes to equal playing time.

   --ESPN's Colin Cowherd asked a great question this week. The question was "What is the biggest athlete that is pushed onto fans as a star, but isn't."  I answered Michael Sam, Tim Tebow, Tony Romo and Johnny Manziel and that was just the NFL!

   --He's a little busy with his other job that I don't think he's giving up anytime soon, but Brad Wall would make a great replacement for Mark Cohon.

  --If the NHL puts a team in Vegas as rumoured, what would you call it?

  --As the major league baseball season starts to end, I am starting to wonder if thoughts of the Cubs competing for a pennant in 2016 should be moved up somewhat. A couple of big free agent signings may sway me. Javier Baez and Jorge Soler have fit into the lineup nicely and I can't wait to see what 3B Kris Bryant will do when he is called up. Add him to the likes of Anthony Rizzo and Starlin Castro and Theo Epstein's magic is starting to rub off.

  --Derek Jeter's last ever game in Toronto will be played Sunday and I hope Jays fans come out to salute the Yankees shortstop this weekend. Many teams have given Jeter interesting gifts on his farewell tour this season. I wonder what Toronto has planned.

--Is it true that all jazz musicians do is think about sax?

--Have a great Labour Day weekend. GO RIDERS!


Anonymous said...

Weston will find out Sunday how much he was missed. Like you, I was looking forward to watching him play for the Chiefs, but I'm just as happy seeing him catching TD's from DD>


Anonymous said...

Any beating of the Bombers is a great LDC moment!!



Anonymous said...

Hearing Dressler's comments yesterday makes me realize what you're talking about. He wants to be here unless its the NFL and we want him here.

The place will explode when he comes out Sunday.

Anonymous said...

The Ti-Cats are a joke period! Blame Austin for getting rid of Burris. He should have had Collaros back him up for a year and then cut him adrift.


Anonymous said...

Star that isn't a star??Jarome Iginla !

Anonymous said...

Tad Kornegay can retire as a Rider, but DON"T put him in POH. Frazier is another story!

Anonymous said...

Good read Scruff! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I'm really saddened to read about your daughter's experience with softball and playing time. I don't have a cell phone so can't text with you anymore. I can only say when a kid runs into a d$ckhead coach don't give them the satisfaction of giving up or quitting.

There are two types that get into Coaching:

1) Guys like me who end up getting out of it as it's not worth the b.s, politics and agendas. These guys love the game, can't play anymore, but want to stay and teach. These are the guys that spend time at clinics, or watching drills on the internet to make the kids better. The soul purpose is to get a group together, and make that group better than when they started, and individually each person needs to be better than when they started. The easy thing to do is throw out the top 7 players and rotate the next 2 in. That's not Coaching.

If it's at a level such as Provincials, City Final, World Series, Playoffs, you go with the top lineup, but you make that crystal clear on day 1. League games are an extension of practice and there for development.

2) Second guy that gets into Coaching is the dumbass that needs the power, or he's paranoid his kid won't play. This is the guy that probably is a superfan, gets walked over on a day to day basis, and craves that power and control. This is the guy that sees his Little League or Hockey Regina record as a reflection of himself and his abilities as a Coach. He is also usually there to ensure that his kid and his buddies get playing time.

This is the guy that will spend a winter sending you a top line, PK and PP and call that coaching. This is the reason kids quit, and the key in life is to teach kids not to let someone like that derail their joy or dreams.

You make notation of it, and you send in a letter at the end of the year documenting all the violations of the League Bylaws concerning develop, playing time, and creating a safe environment.

Then you find a league after that makes up for it. This could be Leo McDonald's Fall Ball or the Cooperators 3 on 3 league.

The kids in that regardless of level enjoy it more because there are no parents around or Coaches.

Y'er Welcome

Anonymous said...

Well said on Dressler. I never thought about it like that but you're right.

Anonymous said...

Like you KJ in 07 was sweet because Winnipeg thought they had one and their crowd was beaking big time. After that game, they stopped showing up the way they used to. Oh well!!

Anonymous said...

Obama, I'm not a fan of yours, but I completely agree with your stance on this topic.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes Obama when he isn't trying to be a jerk to get a reaction nails it.

Anonymous said...

I'll have you know Mr Blair, I'm a NFL star, and when I throw a football, that football knows 100 % in his little pigskin mind he has touchdown written all over him guaranteed.

Little Johnny Manziel

Anonymous said...

That's a lonely snap shot of #7, a penny for his thoughts. Roughriders game day welcome back .......humbling one would suppose. Roughriders fans appreciative of Weston Dressler return.

Anonymous said...

I'm done following the NFL for another year.

Anonymous said...

So all guys who coach ball or hockey are either quitters or assholes. Once again this Obama guy narrows things down to his myopic world view and presents it with his 'my-farts-don't-stink' style. There are many reasons why good coaches are good coaches, and bad coaches are bad. If you have to put one of two labels on everyone to make yourself comfortable, go ahead, but I'm sure glad you quit and will never pollute my kids with your simplistic nonsense.

Clarkenstein said...

I agree with you about Brad Wall. He's a populist, the People's Choice. He's made mistakes and will make more but I like his style. I think he should learn some basic French then run for Prime Minister when Stephen loses or retires. What a breath of fresh air.

Anonymous said...

This a**clown signing off as Obama trying to present as 'his sh*t don't stink know it all' a narrow minded person, pay no attention to him, he's bald headed Rod Pedersen's blog minion.

Anonymous said...

Darian Durant inconsistant on field struggles of 9 years + and he still doesn't have all-star status recognition, whereas Drew Willy in his first year as the starting Blue Bombers QB showing admirered polished skill sets. Winnipeg football franchise going in the right direction under new leadership and will no doubt have a CFL championship in the very near future. A Blue Bombers learning curve loss here and there acceptable, tremendous exciting improvement and turn around from a past administration and the on field product that's only going to get better with experience. Go Bombers !