Monday, August 25, 2014

Something To "Mitch" About

That ladies and gentlemen is the look of a man whose team couldn't cash the cheque. Guarantee---shmarantee! With the backup quarterback in the game, the Riders used another solid effort from the defence as they win their 5th straight 20-16 over the BC Lions.  Thoughts

--There couldn't be a happier Rider at night's end than Rob Bagg. I can't remember Rob dropping a pass as easy as that since he got here. What could have been a gamechanger just ends up being a blip on the overall screen.

--Dan Clark 2014 = Tony Champion 1989. What a catch!

--Tino Sunseri did not start a quarterback controversy, but he should have fans feeling more comfortable should Darian be out for a while.

--John Chick didn't get a sack, but he was close. That being said, the d-line still put good pressure on Kevin Glenn and Travis Lulay.

 --Don't tell me Lulay's shoulder is 100 percent after that lame duck he threw on the last play of the game.

--Ricky Foley said on Friday they were motivated not only by Skulsky's comments, but the 186 yards rushing BC had in the first game. They showed that by allowing BC just 50 yards rushing.

--The cover teams need some work. Tim Brown and Stefan Logan just about stole that one.

--I hated the rule when it was first established and I still hate it. The CFL has to get rid of challenging a pass interference call. Its dumb and its going to cost someone a game at some point.

Other odds and ends:

   ---Weston Dressler has been cut by the KC Chiefs which is too bad because Andy Reid never let the guy show his stuff in 3 pre-season games. It would appear as if he will be back in green very soon which while good for the Riders is bad for Weston as he wanted that opportunity.

   --After this weekend's play in the CFL, the Eskimos and Stampeders are 7-1....those seven wins are more than all 4 Eastern teams. In East vs West games, its 23-3 for the West. Tell me again why we shouldn't have one nine team loop in the CFL and scrap the East-West format. For those who say, we need an East-West Grey Cup, the CFL took that suggestion and threw it away when they started the crossover so don't give me that one.

  --I feel bad for Thomas Dimarco. The kid was just about to get his shot and maybe would have gotten a start next week and he suffers a serious injury on his 2nd snap. The football gods are not smiling on him.

  --Welcome to Rustie Dean. The personable former host of the Global Morning News alongside Heather Anderson is now a part of the Harvard family in Regina as she is joining My92.1. I'm looking forward to having her on the team.

  --With Rustie and Kent Morrison leaving at Global and Molly Thomas and Chris Hodges leaving the CTV Morning show (although Chris will be back at some point), it means a different look for the two Regina TV morning shows. It will be interesting to see how the new casts make out and if there will be a different look for one or both.

 --I wouldn't be disappointed to see S.J Green wearing a green and white uniform, but I can't see it happening. However, my thought process will change if Weston Dressler is not wearing a green and white uniform.

 --Some whispers say the career of Kory Sheets is over after his Achilles injury on Friday in Green Bay. I hope not! However, I think his shot at playing in the NFL may have come to an end.

 --The NFL fines Saints tight end Jimmy Graham 30-thousand dollars for dunking the football over the goalposts, yet Johnny Manziel only gets 12-thousand for giving the middle finger to the Redskins.?????? Is the NFL trying to tell me Graham's act is worse than Manziel's. What's wrong with Graham's post-touchdown celebration anyhow? Roger Goodell needs to lighten up a lot.

 --Who will the next head coach of the Montreal Alouettes be and when will that announcement be made. Tom Higgins just seems to be in wayyyyy over his head.

  --There is no one in the industry that has a better smile than TSN's Sara Orlesky. No one!

 --The rant delivered by Paul Heyman on RAW last Monday night might have been one of the best I have ever seen in the wrestling ring. It was absolute gold!

 --A psychic told Sportsnet's Gregg Zaun this year's World Series will be between the Seattle Mariners and Atlanta Braves. I'm not buyin it although I wouldn't discount the Mariners chances of being there.

 --Have Blue Jays fans realized its over this year? One can only imagine what might have happened had a David Price or a Jeff Samardzija come to Toronto. We will never know. 

 --If you could only keep one of them---would it be Bautista or Encarnacion?

--The long Saturdays of not having US College Football to watch is over.  The only person who might be  happier about this than me is Mark Rathwell. Where is the man affectionately known as "Smithers" anyhoo?

--That's all I got. Have a great week, but don't place any guarantees on it.


Anonymous said...

The Milo haters have been silenced!

Anonymous said...

Very impressed with Sunseri especially after that Bagg drop which could have been a confidence killer.

Anonymous said...

Would Dressler even consider going elsewhere?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't trade either guy, but if I had to I'd trade Edwin because I think Toronto can live without him if they keep Lind.


Anonymous said...

Competition is good and Milo proved that. He looked like Milo of old yesterday.


Anonymous said...

What does that move cost the Lions? I'm guessing about 2-3 million. Explain that to Braley Dennis!

Anonymous said...

Where is Kent Morrison off to?

Anonymous said...

Possible material for the Alouettes to replace Tom Higgins, Mr. Anthony Calvillo, Mr. Jeff Garcia. Former QB's seem to do well in the CFL as head coaches once they establish their team game philosophy.

Anonymous said...

Would have disagree Shannon. Something still wrong with Milo's field goal game, hitting the upright on one chance but luckily bouncing in. Another going right but just curved in at the last second for the 3 points, barely. Nice to see him get his points though, confidence builder and good for the team on the scoreboard.


Anonymous said...

Weston Dressler would look mighty good catching Drew Willy passes.

Mitchell Blair said...

Kent is off to Edmonton and I wish him nothing but the best of luck. Edmonton's gain is our loss.

Clarkenstein said...

I would say that not only is Higgins in over his head but so is Bobby Dyce! I will give kudos to Richie Hall as I used to give him shot after shot with his passive "bend don't break" defense. BUT I think Cory Chamblin deserves a lot of credit for getting Richie to get out of his comfort zone a bit. Aggressive D wins. Period. Finally, not sure if it's Cortez or Durant but something continues to be seriously wrong here. Maybe George is past his due date. Other than Bagg's drop yesterday a very predictable offense.

Anonymous said...

Winnipeg Blue Bombers !

Weston Dressler + Drew Willy = Exciting team success !

City of Winnipeg close proximity to Weston Dressler's Immediate family and home in North Dakota State.

Anonymous said...

I am going to miss seeing Rusty on TV every morning. She was #1 in my books!


Anonymous said...

4 for 4 with three from beyond the 40. Milo is back!

Anonymous said...

Weston in Winnipeg. That's funny! He will be beating their sorry ass the next two weeks instead of playing for them.


Igor said...

Guys like Clarkstein just don't get it! The past three seasons the Cortez offense is built around a strong run game. I love this about the Riders offense. Real hard-nosed smash teeth football. A tribute to a George Reed traditional Rough Rider toughness. It also seems to work where it counts most - in the WIN column in the CFL standings.

Its seems all the special team coaches this season are in "over there heads" when it comes to slowing the outstanding Tim Brown.

Anonymous said...

“What’s wrong with Graham's post-touchdown celebration anyhow?"

He bent the uprights causing a half hour delay in the game. Plus I think he dunked twice in the game getting 2 fines totalling 30k. NFL escalates fines with each infraction, which is why panty football got only 12k fine

“One can only imagine what might have happened had a David Price or a Jeff Samardzija come to Toronto”

Jays are more than 1 top tier pitcher away from being a playoff contender. Why sell the farm team for a rental to be a pretender? Plus Price and Samardzija don’t drive in runs.

Anonymous said...

Panty football? When I throw a football, that football knows 100% in his little pigskin mind that he has touchdown written all over him guaranteed.

Little Johnny Manziel.

Mike from Vita, MB said...

Bismarck is closer 2 Regina than Winnipeg

Mike from Vita, MB said...

Regina 99 km closer 2 Bismarck than Winnipeg

Anonymous said...

I was against the talk of having one nine team division, but the inability of the East to be competitive with the West right now has changed my mind. No matter who gets in from the East, it will be a joke and the first place team will have a worse record than what likely will be the 4th place team in the West. Cohon is getting out at the right time.

peter dalla riva

Anonymous said...

Scruffy, I love reading this blog and not having the idiotic comments of Obama on it like Rod has on his. Rod has the better blog, but you give me a lot more information and very little if any Obama.

Anonymous said...

Raise your hand if you thought the game was over when bagg dropped that pass. OK, you can put your hand down now,


Anonymous said...



Who's Rod ?

Anonymous said...

Regina closer to Bismarck? Saskatchewan with it's awful dangerous pothole two lane highways, give your head a shake. Bismarck to Winnipeg, one direct pleasant drive for the Dressler family. Dressler/Willy, shock and awe air attack, guaranteed !

Clarkenstein said...

Igor I get it and I certainly do appreciate the Rider ground game. It probably won them the Grey Cup last year. BUT do you really think the Riders rewarded DD with a huge long term contract for handing the ball off? The other team knows what's coming when it's an obvious pass situation that's all I'm saying. Predictable plays with a QB that is the most inaccurate passer in the CFL.
And please don't tell Obama about this page Mitch!

Anonymous said...

While we're at it, don't let Woz post on here either. I actually think he is worse than Obama and that's saying a lot.

Anonymous said...

If CTV got rid of that annoying ditzy blonde girl, I may go back to watching them. She was terrible!