Friday, August 15, 2014

This And That

Are you ready for some football?  The forecast is calling for weather that may be a little wet, but the rain that is being called for should be out of the way for a 5 o'clock kickoff at the best place to be in Canada on game day. On paper, one would think the Montreal Alouettes would be hard-pressed to get the ball in the endzone against that fierce Riders defence, but they don't play the game on paper and anything can happen. I expect the Riders to win and cover the 13 1/2 point spread, but who knows in the CFL.
As is usual to end the week, here are some thoughts running through my muddled brain in no particular order...
  • Is a loss on Saturday night the end for Tom Higgins? It hasn't gone well for the Alouettes coach and the team seems to be in big sense of disarray. They fired Dan Hawkins last year when the team was 2-3 and that team was considerably better than what I've seen. If the Riders win, we'll find out soon.
  • Did anyone see Glen Johnson's interview on TSN the other night? He suggested penalties are up because of all the new players in the league especially those in  Ottawa still trying to learn the game. Yeah Glen, Henry Burris, Keith Shologan and Jovon Johnson are all wet behind the ears rookies. The game has been significantly hampered by the work of the stripes this year and they need to start doing a better job. Johnson needed to come out and say something to appease the fan, but that wasn't it.
  • Its been running back roulette in Saskatchewan this year with Anthony Allen, Will Ford, Hugh Charles and Jerome Messam all carrying the rock, but its been worse in Calgary. Jon Cornish, Anthony Walter, Martell Mallett have all had a turn running the ball and now Charles is supposed to start this week. The similarities end there though as John Hufnagel has had to rotate different guys in because of injury while you know the situation here.
  • Ricky Ray had no receivers and he threw for almost 300 yards in a victory over Winnipeg. He isn't washed up and may be proving why he was the #1 pick in the TSN top 50.
  • How are Rider fans on the east side going to treat Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson? How will he treat them? (BLOGGER NOTE: We won't find out, I have just found out the Alouettes aren't bringing him on the trip as he is hurt. DAMN!)
  • It was too hot for me on Thursday, but I'd rather have that than 50 below with the windchill. Then again, I can sleep in an un air conditioned home when its 50 below. SIGHHHH!!!

  • Thursday was Miracle Treat Day at Dairy Queens across Canada. The heat had a lot to do with it, but I think every Reginan decided to get a Blizzard. I stopped at one and saw a lineup outside the door so I went to another one and once again there was a wait outside the door with the wait on the street for the drive-thru making me think I was at Tim Hortons. It was for a great cause though so good job Regina!
  • I am a fan of potato chips, but all four of the flavours Lays has in their contest are somewhat stomach-turning. A cinnamon bun flavoured potato chip. Uhhhhhhhhh no!
  • Is the summer truly over when Pats training camp gets set to start. Hockey season is here.  Don't get me wrong, I'm excited for the fact that the Pats are getting back at it, but can we wait until after Labour Day?
  • NISSAN Canada's "Back in the Game" program is helping 21 high schools across Canada with their football program by doing something whether it be renovating facilities to donating equipment. Regina's Johnson High School is the only Saskatchewan school involved. NISSAN is giving Johnson new helmets. I spoke with their head coach Jason Janssen about this and he is over the moon. Helmets are a costly thing and not a lot of kids are playing football at Johnson so its tough to get the $$$$. He is hoping this might draw some more kids out to play and I hope he's right. TSN will follow the exploits of some of the schools NISSAN is helping this year so I hope Johnson gets some air time on a CFL broadcast.
  • NHL number one draft pick overall Aaron Ekblad was talking about a concussion he received recently on TSN Thursday night. He looked like Vanilla Ice!!!! That look has to change and change soon!
  • OK Coke, I'm more of a Pepsi guy anyways, but if you had a can with my name on it, I might change my mind and get some. I guess you don't think "Mitchell" is a good enough name so I will just keep getting Pepsi. Thanks though
  • John Cena will beat Brock Lesnar at Summerslam
  • The HIW gang is back in Regina tonight as they have a show happening at the Exchange. The Access crews start rolling again on HIW in September. They have been touring the province and from all accounts they have had great shows. The guys behind the curtain are working hard to make a success of this and slowly, but surely they are succeeding. If you were at some of the shows across the province, you might have seen a young lady named Jaida in the ring. Jaida wasn't at shows after last weekend, but she had a good reason. She was in Portland, Oregon standing in the ring with Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella as they got WWE fans ready for their match at Summerslam. Jaida was playing the role of Daniel Bryan's (Brie's real life husband) massage therapist and told the crowd she was having an affair with Daniel. From a crowd of 500 one night in La Ronge to that of 16-thousand a couple of nights later in Portland. That's the life of a wrestler boys and girls.  
  •  A Seattle NHL team might drop the Oilers to my number 2 team. Might I said.  I wonder where their rink would be and if it would be close to CenturyLink Field and Safeco Field which are side by side. There is certainly room in that area of the city for a hockey arena. Time will tell.
  • Have a great weekend!  GO RIDERS!!!  GO SEAHAWKS!!


Anonymous said...

I think people misinterpret what Glen Johnson was trying to say.

With Ottawa back in the league, there are now a lot more new players across the entire league.

A lot of penalties I've seen are justified. Look at the Winnipeg game, the Riders just kept making boneheaded mistakes and nearly all were justified. (still not sure about Picard moving the ball up)

Refs are just trying to qualify for the playoffs too and maybe even the Grey Cup.

Big Ed said...

The #1 chip flavor out there is the kettle chip style Jalapeno! Green bag - Go Riders!

Anonymous said...

I knew the Alouettes would be a disaster as soon as AC left. Higgins isn't the guy for that team. What was Popp thinking?


Anonymous said...

Higgins was actually hired by Bob Wettenhall, not Popp. I do agree with you on AC. They new AC wasn't going to play forever yet they forgot to develope a backup.

Mongo said...

No Ocho Cinco this week...injury scratch

Anonymous said...

Are you certain about the HIW show at The Exchange? There is a free standup comedy show there tonight starting at 9:00 p.m.?

When the Alouettes lose it isn't going to be Tom Higgins getting fired. It's going to be Jim Popp. Popp took the high risk high reward of riding Calvillo until he dropped. That's fair enough, but they have nothing behind him, and are starting at ground zero. Montreal's O-Line, and Receiving Corps are denegrated. This leaves me to believe Jim Popp was absolutely certain he was going to the NFL and like you said about Roy Shivers years ago, sat on his a%% and did nothing. Marcel Desjardins isn't there to cover for him while Popp lives in North Carolina so the party is over.

If they lose Jim Popp is gone by Labour Day. Tom Higgins moves into the GM chair, and finishes as the season as Head Coach. Next year it's start the era over.

The contract extension Jim Popp signed was simply severance pay.

Y'er Welcome

Anonymous said...

I knew that girl looked familiar when I saw her on RAW. Now I know why.

Jordan in North Battleford

Anonymous said...

Mr.Roy Shivers a recruiting football player genius, he finds them, they play ! A got damn bonofide football genius ! Why Saskatchewan ever let him go as GM a major miscalculation of someone's very narrow minded thinking, very stupid stupid action, just plain stupid stupid stupid ! Saskatchewan could have had at the very least, 5 Grey Cup winning championships to their credit under his direction/tutelage to date instead of struggling to stay consistent year after year.

Anonymous said...

Scruffy; You touched on all the penalties in the CFL games this year. Well, every year there's a whole bunch of 'no yards' penalties and that really bugs me. Punt after punt after punt out comes the nylon. Now here's a suggestion that makes sense to me but will blow some minds. Instead of five yards if the ball hits the ground and fifteen if it's caught, make the penalties TWENTY yards and THIRTY yards. No one would want to risk that and there would seldom be an infraction. That move would practically eliminate 'no yards' penalties.

Mike from Vita, MB said...

As long as Roy was GM, Barrett was his coach. We weren't winning a championship with Danny @ the helm.