Saturday, June 10, 2017

Players To Watch

Yes, it is only an exhibition game, and with it being the first exhibition game it means a lot of players will shuffle on and off the field for your Saskatchewan Roughriders as they get the 2017 season going against Winnipeg.  Here are a few players I will be watching for tonight----in no particular order

BRYAN BENNETT -  Some are saying he has been the star of the 2017 training camp. He performed well at last week's scrimmage, but tonight will be his first game action. He is battling Brandon Bridge for the backup spot and he will get into the game as the second QB for the Riders tonight. What does he do against another team when the lights are on?

ANTHONY ALLEN -  I loved this signing by the Riders. This guy can play, and could very well be the tailback on opening night.  If he brings to the team in his 2nd stint as a Rider what he did the first time he was here, it will prove to be a solid signing by Chris Jones and company.

JENSEN STOSHAK - Who? That's what many people were asking when camp started, but he apparently has been impressing the coaching staff every day.  Like many others, what you do in camp and what you do in a game situation are two different stories

MITCH PICTON -- Looking at what the Rider receiving group looks like, you would think the Regina Ram would be destined to head back to Steve Bryce's group for his last year of USports Football.  He is making that decision tough though with his play in Saskatoon. Did you expect anything less?

JOSIAH ST. JOHN - Last year's first overall draft pick was rushed last year. Some wanted to know if that would be beneficial this time around. I've heard mixed reports on his play at camp. Is he going to be a player or a bust?

WILLIE JEFFERSON - I think we all know Jefferson is a player, but while guys like Bennett and Stoshak have been getting a lot of talk on offence, there has been a lot of talk as to how well Jefferson has played on defence. I'm guessing he introduces himself to Matt Nichols or whoever at least once tonight.

MARK ROBERTS -- Another project of Jones.  The former receiver has looked good as a defensive back.  The team is looking for someone to step into that role left open by the release of Justin Cox. He appears to have the edge at this time.

DERRICK MONCRIEF - This guy has the potential to be a beast for the Riders.  He was a DB at Oklahoma State, but he is one of those guys who if all goes right could be in that Otha Foster mode.

MARQUISE WILLIAMS  -  I don't know how much he plays tonight, but if he does, I will be interested to see if he is grasping the CFL game.  I've pumped the tires of this kid since he was playing college ball at North Carolina.  As I've said, if he can learn the nuances of the CFL game and make the throws, this is a guy you might want to keep around.

Who are you going to be watching for?

Enjoy the game.  Everything starts on 620 CKRM starting at 4 with the pre-game show followed by Rod Pedersen and Luc Mullinder with the play-by-play at 7.  Turn your radio off at half-time for about 15 minutes because that's when I roll in.


Anonymous said...

Moncrief. Thats interesting no one has been talking about him yet

Anonymous said...

I think St. John is perilously close to being considered a bust. Makes you long for the days of Ben Heenan. #comebackben

Anonymous said...

It would be great to see Picton play for the Riders, but no matter how good he plays, I can't see him sticking around. Another year with the Rams won't be the worst thing though!


Anonymous said...

I truly worry that Labatte might be done for good this year.

Anonymous said...

Liked Moncrief, liked him a lot. Still raw though.

Picton showed he belongs, but so did a lot of others. Picton can go back for a 5th year. Can Baines? If Baines can't, keep him and send Picton back to the Rams. That isn't a slight on the kid either.

Didn't notice St. John, but he got hurt so he couldn't be properly evaluated.

Keep Bridge as backup, get rid of Bennett and keep Williams on PR.

Did anyone notice BC cut Keith Price? Hmmmmm!!


Anonymous said...

This game day prediction - watch out for Brandon Bridge. He'll be the guy to keep an eye on this season, he's good. Bring back Keith Price.