Monday, June 19, 2017

Something To "Mitch" About

YUCK - Safe to say a lot of fathers and sons were discussing what happened Friday night in Vancouver over the weekend, and it's safe to say there weren't a lot of positives when having those discussions.  It wasn't pretty under the dome at BC Place Friday night, and now the questions start when it comes to the 2017 edition of the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Offensively, Kevin Glenn did not look great in his first action of the year, but his offensive line didn't really help him out a lot. KG has  been around long enough that you know he will be ready to go when the lights come on Thursday in Montreal.

If there is anything to get excited about, it is the thought of what Duron Carter and Naaman Roosevelt could do. The potential is there for those two to have one of the greatest seasons by a pair of receivers in CFL history.  Carter's catch in double coverage in the first quarter was a thing of beauty.   I also think we should get excited at the prospect of what Marquise Williams can do.  He could be the answer as he is showing me and others he has what it takes to play the CFL game.  Don't rush him though.

Barring the team bringing someone in, Cameron Marshall will be the starting running back although we haven't seen a great sample of what he can do seeing he nor any other running back touched the ball Friday.

Defensively, six sacks were great to see, but the constant 3 man rush wasn't,as it was easy for Jonathan Jennings to pick apart the secondary.  I am guessing we won't see that Thursday seeing this one and the rest of them count.

The performance did a leave a lot to be desired, but it was a pre-season game and Chris Jones had more to evaluate than what Wally Buono did.  If it's a blowout in Montreal on Thursday, you can start asking questions, but I am not ready to even come close and say get ready for a repeat of last season.

As for what to expect this season, I have said it numerous times.  I don't think they can compete with BC and Calgary in the West, but I do think they can finish 3rd ahead of Edmonton and Winnipeg.  There is a strong discourse amongst the fanbase over what is happening, and I do understand that. I think Chris Jones understands that as well and knows another 6 or 7 win season will mean his days here could mean his employment here comes to an end.  No one said it was going to be easy.

WILLY OR WON'T HE -  As you look at the cuts of other teams, you ask if there is anyone who might be able to try and continue their career in Riderville.  I was surprised to see Drew Willy get released in Toronto, and it did make me wonder if Willy may end up coming back to the team where his CFL career started.  I asked the question on Twitter, but a majority say no.  Willy's stock has fallen, and at the end of the day, I don't think he will come back, but he would provide some more "starters" experience if something happens to Kevin Glenn

YAWWWWWNNN -  I am one to sit down and watch the majors when it comes to the world of golf. The best in the world usually provide a lot of drama and flair down the stretch. Not this year. It was evident early on Brooks Koepka was going to be the man to beat and he ran away from the field winning by four shots. The final round may be remembered the most for an unfortunate gaffe from FOX's Joe Buck when he referred to Koepka's current lady-friend as his old one and had to be corrected in what was a major OOPS.  That was it though.

One other thing,  would anyone be upset if during the course of the US Open or any golf tournament that someone just took a 6 iron and clubbed the "get in the hole" guy across the back of the legs.  Let's hope we don't see some idiot like that at the Wascana in August 2018 when the LPGA Tour makes a stop.  If some jackwagon wants to do that, can we just deposit him in the creek?   Speaking of the ladies tour, at a time when golf fans in Saskatchewan should maybe start paying attention to the LPGA seeing they will be coming to town, it was great to see Canadian Brooke Henderson win this week.

By the way, I am a Joe Buck fan. I think the guy is great at what he does, and he has been behind the mic for the Seahawks Super Bowl win over Denver and the Cubs World Series win. The question I have is why does FOX trot him out for all the major events they do. Is there no one else there who can do the job, I don't have the problem with him doing golf that others do, but football and baseball is what he should be doing, and that's it.

BUILDING A WINNER -  Have you seen the list of players the Vegas Golden Knights can pick from. The NHL wants this team to be a playoff team right off the bat. Is that right? It is a gamble (no pun intended) going to Sin City, but the NHL's newest team has the potential to be a contending team if they want.  They have a lot of talent to pick through---talent that is high-priced, average and bargains.  GM George McPhee says he was really pleased with what's available. No kidding!  He could go out and get the likes of Marc-Andre Fleury, Jonathan Bernier and Calvin Pickard is net. He has plenty of options at defence and forward as well.  This team will be competitive on opening night. They aren't Stanley Cup calibre---at least not yet, but a couple of shrewd drafts collecting young talent and they might be soon.  When all is said and done, they may better than some current NHL teams. (COUGH COUGH VANCOUVER COUGH COUGH).

???? - While flipping through my Twitter feed (@scruffyregina) on Sunday, I saw ads for the MuchMusic Video Awards which happened last night. Much still plays videos? When? How can you have an awards show when you don't play videos.  Muchmusic was great back in the day, but now it's just a joke.  It's sad to see the product get diminished like that.

GOOD IDEA, BUT  -  Major League Baseball wants to take a page out of the XFL's book and have a weekend where players can have their nicknames on their back. Remember Rod Smart aka "He Hate Me". I love the idea, but can you tell me 10 major leaguers that have distinct nicknames. Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo is "Riz", many guys just have a "py" added to their name like Aroldis Chapman is Chappy.  The idea is great in theory, but the days of the creative nicknames have passed us by.  For what it's worth, if someone in the majors had the nickname "Scruffy", I would buy his jersey because you know MLB would offer one up.

That's all I got.  Have a great week.


Anonymous said...

Drew Willy's football days are done. Cue to about 3 o'clock this afternoon when Jones signs him

Anonymous said...

You will never develop new young quarterbacks if you keep bringing in old retreaded guys like wily that take snaps away in practice, go with bridge and Williams.

Anonymous said...

No, no one would be upset if someone clubbed "Get In the Hole" guy and yes, if someone does that at Wascana, he should be put into the lake a-s-a-p!


Anonymous said...

Willy gives more experience under center than Bridge, but I stick with Bridge and grow him and Williams.

I really like what Williams brings. You were right Scruff, the guy could be a keeper!


Anonymous said...

How pompous Mr 0iler has become... not every team gets handed the number one pick overall year after year!! Remember how pathetic the Oil was for a decade and remember this gifted roster hasn't won a thing and likely wont!

Anonymous said...

Would Bautista go with Joey Bats or D-Bag on his jersey?

Anonymous said...

Jovon Johnson? Another move which reeks of desperation!