Saturday, June 17, 2017

Vince Young And Many Others Released By Riders

And with that tweet from Vince Young's agent, Leigh Steinberg, the former NFL quarterback's attempted comeback appears to be over.

CFL teams have to get down to the limit today and several Riders have already announced through social media they have been let go including Anthony Allen and Jenson Stoshak.

Young was trying to revive a football career that had seen him not play a game since 2011, but the 34 year old suffered a torn hamstring during training camp that will take 4-6 weeks to heal,

As for the rest of the moves made by the Riders, here you go....

·       International wide receiver Antwane Grant
·       National defensive lineman Makana Henry
·       National offensive lineman Eddie Meredith
·       International defensive lineman D.J. Pettway
·       National defensive back Denzel Radford
·       National wide receiver Joshua Stanford
·       International linebacker Myke Tavarres

·       National offensive lineman Emmanuel Adusei
·       National linebacker Alexandre Chevrier
·       International defensive back Ahmad Fulwood
·       National wide receiver Mitchell Picton

·       International defensive back Royce Adams
·       International running back Anthony Allen
·       International quarterback Bryan Bennett
·       International defensive back Zavian Bingham
·       National defensive lineman Ivan Brown
·       International defensive back Crezdon Butler
·       International offensive lineman Terrence Campbell
·       International wide receiver Joe Craig
·       National linebacker Alexander Gagne
·       International defensive back Warren Gatewood
·       National linebacker Dillon Grondin
·       International offensive lineman Jarriel King
·       International wide receiver Thomas Mayo
·       International defensive lineman Greg Milhouse Jr.
·       International wide receiver Desmond Reece
·       National defensive lineman Jordan Reaves
·       International defensive back Mark Roberts
·       International wide receiver Jenson Stoshak
·       International running back Quincy Walden
·       International quarterback Vince Young


Anonymous said...

I know it is just a list to stash someone on, but why are four guys on suspended list including Picton.

Anonymous said...

Guessing Gatewood was cut before he could get his jersey off

Anonymous said...

Bingham cut? I thought he was the next best thing since sliced bread! Lot of question marks after what I saw last night. On a short week, Darian will make easy pickins of that defence in Week 1.

Anonymous said...

Drew Willy cut in Toronto and Shakir Bell cut in Ottawa. Hmmmmmm!!!

peter dalla riva