Friday, February 4, 2011

Andy Goes To Chi-Town

Andy Fantuz has "tweeted" within the last half hour that he has signed a contract with the Chicago Bears.

OK Rider Nation, what are you thinkin??


Corey M said...

Good luck to Andy! Chicago is a good choice for him as he has a better chance of cracking the line up there than he did in Pittsburgh...providing they play football in the states next year.

Anonymous said...

While you can not replace an Andy Fantuz, I believe the Riders will be fine. With Jordan Sisco and Obed Cetute, we have plenty of depth. Also just because Andy signed it does not mean that he will make the club.

Anonymous said...

Well that sucks!

Anonymous said...

Good for Andy. He has wanted his shot and now he gets it. Rider Nation will welcome him back with open arms if he doesn't stick.

Anonymous said...

Andy is an idiot! How any CFL player could sign a contract with an NFL team knowing they could be going on strike soon is stupid. He is going to go a year without football. He should have stayed for one more year and then left. Oh well, its too late now.


Anonymous said...

I'm thinkin its time for Jordan Sisco to show us what he can do!