Friday, February 11, 2011

Thanks, But No Thanks!

Its not often that the University of Regina student newspaper "The Carillon" gets a scoop, but it got one today and it got the debate going. Former Rider running back Kenton Keith says he would love to continue his football career in Saskatchewan and hopes to work out for the football club when he comes back to Regina in a couple of weeks to visit his son.
Do the Saskatchewan Roughriders need Kenton Keith? They have Wes Cates and Hugh Charles. Is Kenton Keith in shape? How is his knee? How is his attitude? If the workout goes well and the price is right, anything can happen, but I would be shocked if K-K signs a contract with the Riders.
Great interview with Eskimos GM Eric Tillman by CJME's Jamie Nye on Friday night. The ever quotable Tillman had a few quotes in his session with Jamie. Amongst the highlights...

-- He expects Mo Lloyd to remain an Eskimo. There is thought that he could be coming back to Saskatchewan although I don't think he will be if Rey Williams comes back.

--The Eskimos will be a minor player in free agency having just signed a couple of Canadians (Donovan Alexander, Chris Bauman)

--The signing of Alex Gauthier by the Riders was a tremendous move

--Greg Marshall was a tremendous hire and he has surrounded himself with a great coaching staff especially Craig Dickenson.

--He will not raid the Riders when it comes to free agency saying he still has great respect and affection for the organization.

--There are a lot of similarities between Kent Austin and Kavis Reed.

You can hear the whole interview at

I wonder if Jamie would have gotten that interview if the Sharks hadn't been playing on the East coast. Never mind, I know the answer to that question.
How much do the Penguins miss Crosby and Malkin. You know things aren't right when the Islanders hang a 9-3 beating on you!

I'll have to check this out on my NHL 11, but with the rosters being updated continuously, I am guessing those playing Pittsburgh right now don't have the services of Sid or Geno. I just got Jordan Eberle back on the Oilers after he missed some time.

Still with Sid, do you think he's coming back this year? I'm starting to have my doubts even though he said he'd be back.

Are the Blackhawks going to make the playoffs?
Are the Flames going to make the playoffs?
The gap between 4th and 14th in the West is just 10 points.
The Sun Life "retirement" commercial makes me want to reach for the remote. That, without a doubt, is the worst commercial on TV today. Its a runaway right now.
The Pats rebuild has been a good one by GM Chad Lang, but I just don't see this team making the playoffs this year. There are just a couple of intangibles that this team is missing. They will make the playoffs next year though.
The SJHL regular season is starting to wind down. Playoffs will start before the month is over and things are slowly starting to get settled. There's still a couple of races to go, but there is nothing to suggest at this time that the final four won't be Kindersley, Yorkton, La Ronge and Melfort. If those are indeed your final four, there will be two great conference finals and one outstanding league final.
As bad as the Raptors are, there are four teams that are worse (Washington, Cleveland, Sacramento, Minnesota). How is that possible? At least Jerry Colangelo didn't trade any first round picks to the Celtics.
Saturday is CBC"s Hockey Day in Canada. Whitehorse is home base this year. This is an outstanding day in which our game is celebrated. Watch the festivities before the games because that may be the best part of the day. HNIC does it right on days like HDIC.
If you're falling off a cliff you might as well try to fly, you've got nothing else to lose.


Anonymous said...

What can Kenton Keith bring us now? Nothing! Just stay away from the warehouse district when you're back in Regina KK.


Anonymous said...

I don't trust Tillman at all. Look at all the former Riders he has grabbed so far. I say he lets Lloyd walk and tries to grab Lucas and Rey Wiiliams.

peter dalla riva

Allan Laird said...


Good blog post. Interesting interview with ET. Reminds me of a snake oil salesman. There is no way you can convince me he will not try to go after at least one of the Riders free agents.

Did want to mention one thing... the first name of the Raptors GM is Brian. Jerry is his dad.

Keep up the good work Scruffy.


Anonymous said...

I'm with ya on the Sun Life Ad. It is terrible.

The Pats don't have enough talent to make the playoffs and I don't think they will get there next year either.

I probably don't have to tell you that if Jamie did that show by himself (or with the guy he replaced) that it would be a much better production each and every night. Why CJME even hired that guy was beyond me then and it still is now. He brings very little to the program.


Anonymous said...

Great interview by Jamie and I agree with what you say Allan.

Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting ET wouldn't have come on if he knew someone he couldn't stand was on the other end of the phone? I think you are right with that one. Jamie did do a great job and I don't believe one word Eric says about free agency and raiding the Riders.

Whitehorse is a great place to hold Hockey Day in Canada!

The Oilers looked bad again today. Real bad.


Anonymous said...

The Sun Life ads are sickening-does anyone test these commercials on focus groups. I would top the old guys retirement up just to shut up.

Josh Lewis said...

Hell, there are lots of commercials worse than the Sun Life ad, including every Tim Hortons commercial ever created. At least they picked a good song.

Anonymous said...

ET is right, hiring Greg Marshall was a great move but it was negated by retaining Doug Berry.
Who did he catch doing what?